WiredPakistan New Software Update

Hey WP software has been updated. Thanks to KO, Sowhat you think of this new software ?

It's the same, just a few more bug fixes, bit faster, and changes in the CSS.

But I cant access it yaar. Help me :(

I cant acess it properly from my mobile

Its cool,fast...great work.

before update there were above 3000 registered user and now they are only 1500 . what is this

man still no plugins.......... :( :(

YeaI noticed that regsitered number of members decreased after updates?

I don't think any users have been removed, looks more like a bug in the forum software....

By the to be very honest.... This new looks doesn't look good... Its catchy but the previous release was way better then this one.... Thats my personal opinion by the way...

in the new posts section it shows sticky with every thread which is a bug in this version..........

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

in the new posts section it shows sticky with every thread which is a bug in this version…

Yea, I have noticed that too

Under each topic, the Topic starter's name which is supposed to come after 'Started By' is missing on this page:


It has some bugs yaaar. Can some one please roll back to the old stylesheet?

The old style was really easy on the eyes, this looks washed out and very busy.

The older version is being buffed up, there should be another release soon, so I'm going to update it soon as thats out. Till than, there will be a few bugs...


Why dont you guys use a system like pakgamers.com are using

yar KO add pm adons etc......

I think pakgamers is using vBulletin which has a recurring cost of $ 150 US every year. FlexBB is good enough for us here. Looking forward to the update.

Looks spiffy. Congrats for the successful update.