^ Well it has all the essentials covered, plus some extras.

If you want their names, here's a few to mention: libreoffice, evince, gimp, audacity, firefox, flash-player, thunderbird, transmission, totem, amarok, wine, etc...

As for skype or other video chatting software, WiredLinux currently doesn't include it, I'll include it in the next version... as for now, you can download it or anything else you want...


so this isn't for those who have Fast Net and Computers?


^ What do you mean? Just because it doesn't currently include a video chatting software makes it like that? :rolleyes:


So! Any updates?


^ Umm.... Well, version 1.2.0 will be released either by the end of this month or the first week of June.


start a costume windows 7 project that would be awesome.... no one here is familiar with linux or ubuntu


^ Umm... Windows is proprietary software, we can't create custom windows, not legally anyway...



WiredLinux 1.2.0 Released!

OS Updates:

The OS is not divided into 2 distros anymore. (WiredLinux Lite have been removed)

WiredLinux Ultimate has been rebooted with WiredLinux Reloaded, meaning it is made from scratch, and each action has been thought-out throughly & carefully.

It is more advanced & resourced.

A few minor bug-fixes.

Website Updates:

New/Better website. (new host & domain)

Website registered for 2 years. (so even if it doesn't get any regular visitors, it'll stay alive, and hopefully I'll renew it in time.)

You can get more info about it & download it at the new official website!

Waiting for your comments...


BTW, the OS was supposed to be release in june, but i was quite busy then, so sorry for the delay.

@shafiq A Video-chatting software has been added as you suggested.


Also, please note that from now-on, the OS won't be updated so frequently, It'll follow the same rule at most other linux distros, and update after every 6 months or more.


Uhh... no comments?


^ you need new wallpaper? i can make it for you


^ Uhh, the OS has already been released, perhaps in the next version?

But i doubt I'll make a next version seeing the response or lack of response of this version...


Post some screenshots, I cant spare my bandwidth to download ur OS.

Byt he way, I'll go back to the prefect smartphone of mine now... Infact its going to be somthing big in the next update :P Keep your eyes peeled.


^ The Screenshots are available on the website...

And yeah you keep upgrading your imaginary smartphone. :P


@MZC Check your PM & reply.


After over 1 year of nothingness, I'm proud to announce the release of WiredLinux: Revival (a.k.a WiredLinux 3).


I've been working on the OS for quite a while now. First i was working on what i named "WiredLinux: Rise" which was based on WiredLinux 2 with updated base & minor updates, but later i changed my mind and decided to try something new. So, i started working with KDE 4 & didn't look back. WiredLinux: Revival is based on OpenSuse 12.2 (released just over a week ago), While WiredLinux 2 was based on 11.4, so you can see the major jump between the two OSs. The software repositories are expanded, there are many more apps available for both newbies & pros. The OS looks great with nice & updated UI. This is for the first time I'm really satisfied with what I've developed, And i hope you'll like it too...






Desktop & Softwares:









So there you have it. And as you can see, it looks great, it's full-featured, and it's free. so yeah, give it a try.

Download Links will be available shortly...


If you want, you can see the package list from here.

And you can get all information & download it here.

A few things to note:

I've made it in 64bit only (previously 32bit only). I'm pretty sure most of us have CPUs capable of running 64bit OSs, so i chose to go with the better one.

In this version, I've included both Firefox & Chrome browsers (previously only Firefox)

I've included multiple audio & video players, for your ease.

Due to legal reasons, distros made in SuseStudio doesn't include proprietary 3rd-party codecs. So you'll have to install them yourself, it's easy, just follow this guide.

For LiveCD usage, username is "user" & password is "pass". Root password is "linux".

The disk is about 1GB in size, so it won't fit on a CD. But I'm pretty sure most of us have DVD-RW drives nowadays.

I've numbered the version 3.12.2 because it is the 3rd major release of WiredLinux, and is based on OpenSuse 12.2.

That's about it. Hope you like it!


^ awesome work bro...

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Seems good bro

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