Wired router

I'm looking to buy a wired router so I can set up a home network. I've looked all over and can't seem to be able to find where I can buy one here. They're all switches, which simply provide the other computer with the internet connection but don't provide NAT and don't let me set up a network (for file and media sharing) between the computers in my house. That is, both computers get different public IPs (!?) and aren't on the same network.

I bought a Black Copper switch today thinking it would do what a router does, but the above problem is why I'm bummed out about it. I'll ask the shop guy to exchange it for a real router (what I wanted--and asked him for--in the first place) but I wonder what he'll say!

This is the type of device I'm looking for: Netgear RP614. WiFi isn't an option as I have a 2.4GHz cordless that would interfere with the signals; plus I'd have to buy wifi adapters as well.

I now have a Worldcall modem with a cable going into the switch; 2 cables from the switch go to each of the computers. With this setup I can use the internet on both computers simultaneously, but can't share files between them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :D

dude try "d-link" its dealership is available in pakistan so youll get it easily.... its website has the dealer's details....

Make Wifi an option. Even in the 2.4GHz band, there are many channels. If there is interference, change your Wifi channel from the router.