Wired promotion. how?

^we IRC people are also looking for him... let us know if you have any clue about his whereabouts :P

Post count is not a criteria for "Elite" title. The only criteria for it is a member's distinguished and ongoing/regular contribution to the forum and helping out members. It will be given solely at admin team's discretion.

So we should be start helping other member :P

Oh I came to know about these statuses today. Interesting :)

Um, Seriously people care about these titles? :|

Its hilarious if they do.

P.S: Hey only 173 more posts till i become a Lifer !!! So exited :D :D :D :D /sarcasm

i care about titles


Dint really care about titles :P

(48 more to go for Lifer, MUWHAHAHHAHAHHAHA)

^ After you get another 47 posts, I'll turn off titles! :P

^you need to act on 46 actually :P

1 has already been posted

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

^ After you get another 47 posts, I’ll turn off titles! :P

Lolz, you big joker you!!!

God you are so funny, aur intelligent, aur smart, aur sexy, aur,aur,aur…(more compliments to the great Sah!!!).


^ladies this is called "MOD in a peanut butter sandwich"! :P

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

^ladies this is called “MOD in a peanut butter sandwich”! :P

With some Rs 70+ chani

how about WPVP ?

Wired Pak Valued Posters :P

Also isn't the BB system u guys using is open source? if so y not make a change and make ppl happy :)

^ Cause lo and behold, we have a life other than this forum. I don't know about you, but we don't have time to muck around forum source code trying to make people happy...!!!

Knock it off guys, don't make fun of mods. Remember that they have the "red button". Don't make them to push it. :)

Don't put much stress on these "titles". The ultimate title which nobody has yet ever got, "Elite" is a political title. Not worth having it. :)

To me the forum worth more than just titles. It is the valuable members due to which I come to this forum. Even if I have different opinions, I still like to come here because of bit sensible discussion. At least, we try to discuss our point of views rather than just fighting or riding a band-wagon where everybody just say "yes".

This all happens due to two things:

A) An absentee landlord (I mean the administrator :) ). And its not a bad thing. In fact, it is pretty much good. Because in other forums where administrator try to influence his power, results in unjustified favors and totalitarian regime similar to Stalin.

B) A very good trio team of mods. Strict yet flexible, quick to act and ready to clean forums from spammers. Kind of open minded and not try to enforce their own ideology. I like them. It is quite a bit of team work here. Though, they claim that there is no democracy in this forum. Whereas, I believe there is no totalitarian in this forums, democracy (or as Asad usually say democrazy) doesn't have to have voting and everything. Freedom of expression and equal rights is one of basics of democracy. I believe this forums is more democratic than bunch of other Pakistani forums.

But then again, its the members of forum that make a forum successful or failure. I like being here because an idiot like me is able to learn valuable knowledge from other members. :)

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The ultimate title which nobody has yet ever got, “Elite” is a political title. Not worth having it. :)


in my honest opinion no one deserve it except SAH, YOU (wampyr) ,KA, saadibrahim, ruhan, osman atm… yes you people contributed very valuable info/points in this forum…


What about me and Ultimate ?


[quote=", post:, topic:"]


What about me and Ultimate ?



yep why not… u r nice techy chaps…

m not mod btw and my words dont carry much weight…

we all members here try to help each other… and who help others are ‘elite’ themselves… these titles doesnt matter!!!

i was saying that these members have shared much valuable knowledge… and consider yourself counted in ths :P :cool: