OK, this time, what I would like to know is this: after a fresh XPsp3 install, when, for the first time, we click on WindowsUpdateWebsite, it tries to download some WindowsUpdateComponents in the form of ActiveX which are actually some cabs. They are WindowsUpdate and MicrosoftUpdate activeXs. I searched on the google and after some little effort, downloaded these Cabinet files:

and with this last mention cab file, that is,, I downloaded WUA v6.2.29.0 [WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe].

My question is, how to install these files and how to manually switch from WindowsUpdate to MicrosoftUpdate, I know, its easy if I just go to microsoft update site instead of windows update site and download one active x and then it adds one shortcut in my start menu with the name of microsoft updates which is not originally present in the start menu. Though, Windows Updates has always been there on all OSs.

I just want to know how to install these above mentioned cabinet files and how to register their dlls.

Thank you.


use to update your windows.


I know about this application but I want to know how to manually register dlls.