Windows xp boot screen logo

Hello everyone.

I have a problem if anyone can solve i will be proud of him/her.

in windows xp cd folder exists named "1386" where u can find a file with extensions like .fo_ etc. so the problem is that how i can change any pic in the mentiond file type and vice versa.

Anyone know please provide detailed info.


.FO_ is proprietary Microsoft compressed file. During installation these are expanded as .FON (System Font Files).

If you mean icon by saying pictures then Open My Commputer folder or select Folder Options in Control Panel. Click File Types tab Click New. In next screen type FO_ and click OK buton. Now FO_ entry will be at the top of list. Select it and click Advanced buton. On next screen click Change Icon buton and select any icon. Click OK button all the way out.

tannu gee.. if u wanna change your windows Icons / Logo / Login screen .. etc .

simply install any theme of Win Vista/ Win7 .

You don't need to jump those walls. You can simply google for boot screen utilities which are very common nowadays and easy to use.