Windows Vista Firewall + Adaware

Is Windows Vista Firewall fine or is it preferred to have another?

Also, is the Kaspersky Anti-malware okay or should I need to get the Lavasoft Adaware to monitor my PC (Ad-Watch)!

Currently I have Kaspersky AV + Vista Firewall. but now My PC is on almost 18/7 on 1mbps connection... and have recently started using torrents + P2P.. so any other softwares to help manage my PC's security.

PS: I don't want to build my start up list and increase the services!

The first line of defense is common sense. Download files only from reliable sites, and if you use torrents the more seeders the better, also glance through the comments to get an idea of what is inside.

Kaspersky is a great program, very reliable. The Vista firewall is also pretty good, but obviously not as good as a separate program like COMODO Firewall. If you're behind a router though (DSL modem?), its good enough.

I don't think you need to run Adaware constantly (real-time monitoring, that is), but if you think you do, then go ahead. I say install it, run a scan once a month.

But most importantly, keep your eyes open and don't download willy nilly! :P

kaspersky anti virus is far more better than Lavasoft... THing is If u for example go for comodo firewall, it will conflict with kaspersky proactive n heuristics and u will be more messed up.... These days its always better to go for one in all security suite.for example instead of using KIS antivirus only, use KIS secuirty suite.......U can also go with Kaspersky AV and Windows own firewall but when using torrents and stuff, I guess use any Good suite....Zone alarm is also good.....U can also use combination of NOD32 plus Outpost firewall.....Rest is as stated is COmmon sense and YEa always keep ur windows updated