Windows Media Player: How to play protected video?

I downloaded a torrent file and when play using WMP, it says "you do not have rights to play this file" and opens a website asking me to install license in order to view the movie but that website doesn't open (probably broken link, etc).

Is there a way around to get rid of this rights problem??

i guess u downloaded a scam torrents...

the whole torrent video is a scam...

it will tell u to go to a site in order to play this video...

at that site there will be phishing or advertising links.... and blah blah and u will roll around and find nothing...

always download torrents from good websites like private trackers and do read comments on that torrent b4 downloading..

1. Read the comments before downbloading a comment.

2. After downloading the file, scan it with your antivirus. (make sure your antivirus is upto-date with all new virus difinitions.)

As for the file you've downloaded, try playing it with vlc media player.


these are valid DRM protected files that you can not play in any player unless your obtain a key for it. these are protected by the author that if author doesn't want people to use and play this media without authorization.

There are many categories of medias used to be protected only if they are supposing you to be authorized and buy to view/play them.

if you want more information on DRM Protected Media Files, then most good option is to search on Google. while years ago there were no solution to remove DRM protection from the protect medias or convert them to un-protected files. but I recently get some content/softwares/utilities on the web for converting/removing protection from the medias to make them freely playable. However I didn't test any of them and I am not sure that they will work.