Windows Live messenger problem

I downloaded windows live messenger 2009 offline installer from a torrent site.the problem is that there are no winks in the messenger and also i can not view winks people send me.i cant add winks from quables or kiwee either.what is wrong|??if any body knows a torrent link of wlm with functioning winks plz email me or atleast tell me what is the problem is there any wrong setting Plz help..?|

PLease Reply

Re install it using online installer. May be the installation was not complete or may be there was a problem in the setup you download. I never trust torrents for Software.

yuronline is right ....... y dont u download from microsoft's site....... or use windows update .......... it is 134 mb download ........... jus run it from web instead of offline installation........... i am sure that wud work.....

update windows , and messenger will fix itself with new updates.