Windows file protection error

My friend is having a problem... he is running xp sp2 and whenever he logs in he gets a windows file protection error. There aren't any problems with his computer.

He even reinstalled XP SP2.

How can he disable Windows file protection?

Thanks alot!


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Eh? Are you talking about DEP?

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What error exactly he is getting? If he is getting "eindows file protecttion related errors then this might help him.


By the way Instead of sayng forum is lazy or dead. You should do some searching. You just can't come here and say I need help right now. See we are all normal people like you. We are not paid to do this stuff. I found this help within some seconds on google.

Try searching before posting a new thread.

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Try searching before posting a new thread.

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@ qasim

I won't suggest to disable Windows File Protection. Instead, you should scan using SFC to make sure no file is overwrite (after installing any old device driver or software).

On command prompt or in Windows Run dialog write:


However, if you still persistent to disable WFP then carefully follow this article:

Warning! You are responsible for your actions. If anything goes wrong then don't blame me.

Good luck!

ok will have a look at it