Windows 7 Beta 1 From Microsoft Site!

32 bit


HAVE FUN Very Happy

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32 bit



so what are the reviews , i mean should i install is any bugs any problem , compatibility issues ?? should it worth to give a try to this version which is beta

HAVE FUN Very Happy

Edit: btw i am downloading it can del it if not worth to install

Only install it if you have a spare 'test' computer. You don't want the OS failing on the machine you use on a day to day basis!

It's been considered as faster than XP (and Vista, obviously), but I just read one issue: MP3 files, when added in WMP 11 (and if their tags have been edited in Windows Explorer) tends to "cut-off" the first few seconds permanently when playing.

The recommended solution (temporary) by Microsoft was to make your MP3 files "Read Only", except, people don't have the time nor patience to do such a thing.

It didn't say anything about any other media player, nor did it say anything about any other format suffering from this issue, but for now, it's MP3 files only. I don't use WMP anyway - I use Winamp XD

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The recommended solution (temporary) by Microsoft was to make your MP3 files “Read Only”, except, people don’t have the time nor patience to do such a thing.


I haven’t yet read anything about it. But Read Only fix will be too easy.

On the Command Prompt (change directory to MP3 folder, for example):

C:\My MP3 Files>attrib +r /s *.mp3

To remove Read Only attribute:

C:\My MP3 Files>attrib -r /s *.mp3

hmm,,...good..When someonw installs it,post the reviews too!!!!

Update released to fix the MP3 issue. Waiting on keys :(

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Update released to fix the MP3 issue. Waiting on keys :(

Wha? You mean an activation key? You should have gotten one from Microsoft when you signed up for the beta program. :P

I’m downloading it right now, planning on setting up a virtual machine - that should work right?

you can get the key and the download when they re publish it on the internet on their official link for free!

It works great and has little or no issues, and as many analysts say it is like a retail build ready to be shipped, it's that stable!

I have been using the alphas and right now i am running the pre-beta on my main computer which is working fine and good... so no worries on d/l the beta and using it as a main OS on ur PC.

and oh it will expire on 1st August 09.

some reviews for all to read:- (non-technical) (detailed non-technical) (technical)

just installed on VMware.

here is a snapshot of a first look. and the initial resources and alloted specs shown.


just installed. didn't explore yet.

but the first is just like vista not much changes as it seems to me.

I still say. there could be a real fun with it when used on touch screen. other wise it's like vista in UI and in resources.

Got my Key. Most usefull feature in my opinion is aero peek. (Go to youtube to find a full explanation of it. Esentially its switching your currently viewed task without actually switching)

Edit: Read this:

UPDATE!!! may be you know about that but here's a need to mention it

You can't experience its cool stuff on VMware.

you have to put whole machine for it physically. or a Dual booting system along with your current OS.

as minimum graphics requirement for Windows7

Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB memory (also for Aero theme as shared above by Scrinner)

and VMware like virtual environments do not provide you your actual Host Graphics Card capabilities.

So try on an true machine.... :)

The MP3 issue is actually mentioned on Gizmodo (I think, otherwise it was Lifehacker). You can find links to get keys for the 32bit or 64bit versions of Windows 7 over there too.


Review: (with the MP3 error thingi)

Theres a patch released to fix the mp3 issue

sound problem is still not fixed i already installed a patch file but noisy sound still exsit ne 1 who has installed W 7 beta facing sound or noise problem mp3 also in windows sound.

BTW i am using on my both Notebook and local comp

Notebook Spec!

The patchfile is to fix the mp3 first few second deletion issue.

Have you downloaded GBs and i can not download a megabit

i have downloaded it twice 4.5GB

downloaded 64 bit, 3.15 GB, but not installed yet