Windows 7: A new operating system

What u people expect from Windows 7 from micrsoft???

I guess their expeted release is either in late December or January!!!

Believe me I heared it from u.

Nah....they are planning windows 7 for sometime late next year.....

And i think it will be great as they have to recover from the vista debacle. (sort of how from ME they went to XP)

rumours are that they will release early and this is for the first time,I think so,that Microsoft is releasin a new operating system quite early!!!!

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Believe me I heared it from u.

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Beta-1 will be available in December

I fail to see how vista was a debacle? Vista is nothing like ME, it rocks no problems. People who hate it just have trouble getting their stuff to work, ie drivers etc


The themes are unparallel in Vista!!!and many people are satisfied with it too!!!!

Microsoft has unveiled the new interface of Windows 7..You can have a look at

It looks interesting!!!


They won't and shouldn't rush with Windows 7 - look at the early driver issues with Vista that left a bad taste in everybody's mouth. Now everyone and their great-grandmother hates it, without even knowing why!

I think speculation is around 2010...

Let's see how it turns out. I think they should stop copying Apple!

^But I guess that the new one would be good..and they will launch as early as possible because the conferences of their hardware teams have started and they are also saying 'IT IS COMING SOON'..

They have said that they will release just after CHRISTMAS..So lets see!!!

I'm hoping for the best - I really want Microsoft to do good! For one thing, the Mojave experiment (disastrous as it was itself) proved the point that they've just got a bad case of a destroyed public image which they need to work on. A new OS might be the thing they need to get themselves over Vista's problems -- which are now mainly just a lack of PR!

The news story from BBC which dogarsahab posted (which I just read) says they're planning for late next year.

the touchscreen interface in win 7 is like an exact replica of the interface control in the iphone

i've seen some screen shots of it same as vista

^true but additional features of APPLE are added!!!The graphics are somewhat the same!!!

Ya sure, Apple can sue if they want *rolleyes*, links to some detailed articles about Windows 7 which I am looking forward to, quite excited about it :D.

The launch might be summer 2009 (as per inside information to some of the reviewers) though Microsoft is saying early 2010, late might be a bummer since Apple is releasing their new OS in 2009. I guess they don't want to do it like Vista where they kept forwarding the release dates. This way they can release it early and surprise everyone.

Windows 7 details galore: interface tweaks, netbook builds, Media Center enhancements

Follow the links as well, the one's mentioned in above article.

Visit the following and read detailed preview articles about Windows 7.

Videos of Windows 7 on You Tube:

and finally , he has shed light on some minor new details of Windows 7, check it out.

And here is something very interesting,

Windows 7 smaller than Vista

i also heard that Microsoft Launching there Window 7 with Direct X 11 in 2009 .,, (Edbott and Mary Jo) All have pics and stuff on windows 7 and Office Live