WiFi Router with USB interface


I want some suggestion regarding Wifi Router with USB support. What I want is to use my WorldCall USB connection on multiple PC's and on my moble phone. I know that WorldCall provides USB with Wifirouter but I already bought connection with just USB and they don't support upgrading of devices.

So, know plz suggest me some cheap WiFi Router which I can use to connect my EVDO connection.


I am still wating for some reply regarding subject.

well am using USR 9108 ADSL2+ Gateway, it does have a usb port but its only good for printers and can be used as a print sever. I emailed usr technical support to inquire if its possible to use this usb port to connect a usb bluetooth adapter to make it work as bluetooth accesspoint so that dsl could be shared via bluetooth for all bluetooth enabled devices without turning on the computer but they replied that it can't be done,the usb port on this router could only be used for printers.

USR 9108:


USB bluetooth adapter:


Any progress guys???:)