Wifi enabled mobile phone


i have wifi enabled laptop..i have decided to buy a wifi enabled mobile phone as well...kindly tell me what features i will be able to use between my laptop and phone if wifi is enabled on both....would i use internet wirelessly?...ETC.

and tell me which is the good cheap wifi mobile phone.


I have tried Nokia E51 and Nokia E61i, and have downloaded fring on my mobile (u can see its details in www.fring.com). You can either have it on your wifi enabled mobile via sms or by getting via wap m.fring.com. It has almost all the messengers, and i have used skype to skype voice calls successfully.


charmer yeh u can use internet wirelessely but upto some range u can also transfer files etc


What is the range of wifi?


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What is the range of wifi?
[/quote]<p>Indoors range 32m (120 ft) and outdoors 95m (300ft)