Why World hates America?

This is a question being discussed these days in America by their Researchers, Scholars, Govt. Officials, University Professors & even common people that why World & especially Muslim World hates merica.

They are of the view that they are helping World by giving them Financial Help, Infrastructural Help, Loans, Food, Weapons etc. Then World should be thankful to them for these favours. But the situation is reverse. As per International Surveys, America is the country which most of the World Population hate & its Ex. President Bush was World No. 1 Natorious person.

I think the Americans who are asking this question are either too innocent or too ignorant of what their Govt. has done with other countries especially Muslim Countries. They have exploited resources of Arab Countries by getting benefit from Arabs' Internal Weaknesses. Their CIA & other natorious Agencies have made conspiracies all over the world. They destroyed Afghanistan & Iraq not because of 9/11, but to capture Iraq's Oil Reserves & in case of Afghanistan, to get a station to control China plus to exploit Oil/Gas Reserves of Central Asian States. THey don't have any culture, any moralities, any religion. They are power conscious & for this sake, they can do any thing.

Other members of Forum are requested to share their views.

No politics mate! we hate politics on this forum :D

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No politics mate! we hate politics on this forum :D

My dear friend

Purpose is not poilitics. Its a burning issue these days & being discussed every where, even in America also. We can also discuss it with out touching the sensitive areas like Religion.

OP you should notice that a similar thread was closed earlier and reasons were given.