Why u cannot convert to jazz ladies first

hey i call call center he said no more conversion to ladies first who r converted l remain but not for new customers

Because none of the Ladies in the ad came first.... so they have to terminate the package :D

i think that package is for ladies only .....

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i think that package is for ladies only …

Do they really checkup in database that the person is a man or woman before activating the package? :) I don’t think so.

It was a marketing gimmick and it failed miserably. Mobilink is going down and fast. They haven’t yet figured out “why?”. Even it is in-front of their f****** eyes.

They need to cut funding to expensive ad campaigns, lay off 75% of their human resource, and introduce cheap packages. Otherwise Warid will take over and become major player because market-share of Mobilink and UFone is shrinking fast.

what about who are middle of man and woman is there any packages for them?


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