Why PTCL is so lame with UPLOAD SPEEDS?


I recieve 50kbps upload speed on PTCL 2 MB connection which is freaking far to low for a 2mb connection. I should atleast have 1mb upload speed therefore, 100kbps.

Is this only with me or PTCL is ripping us.


low upload speeds are usual around the world but not that low even for PTCL.

Plz tell us how did you noticed that ur getting 50kbps Up speed?

Assuming you know 50kbps=6KBs....?


I think he meant 512kbps instead of 50kbps


i get 512kbps upload. i think thats enough. even in uk upload speed is 512k with 8mb connection. upload is a no brainer for home users...


me too feel lucky as i've got 1024Down/512Kbps up :D


i have heard uploads are costly to isps, correct me if i am wrong.


^ If that's true, then why is that?


ADSL = Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ADSL is designed to run on widely available copper lines and with home users in mind. The maximum upload speed theoratically achievable by ADSL2+ is 1 Mbit or 3.5 Mbit if Annex M standard is used instead of Annex A. This is the ADSL standard restriction. If you need better upload speed, you have to move on some other method other then ADSL


^ So what's the upload speed in Wi-Max?


Worldcall's upload speed was same as their Download Speed.. which was pretty decent till it lasted ^_^


Yes i meant i get 512k upload speeds on my 2mb connection, thats pretti #$%# aint it? Yes worldcalls' upload speed was same as their downloading one. Why cant ptcl atleast increase it to 1mb upload speeds instead of freaking sticking to 512k!!!!!!


You will get 1mb Upload speed only if you have PTCL 4MB Broadband Connection.



True and usually 1mb is the maximum upload speed on ADSL connections, i don't use torrents mostly so i don't have a dire need of upload speed, rapidshare FTW.


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rapidshare FTW.


1) How you search Rapidshare?

2) IMO Rapidshare caps speed for free users.


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1) How you search Rapidshare?

2) IMO Rapidshare caps speed for free users.


1. Use forums that specialize in sharing content on file sharing services, and there are plenty of them. warez-bb.org, tehparadox.com are some of the best.

2. I don’t download as free user, true every file-sharing service sucks if you only ever download as free user.

Although, i still use torrents but my majority of downloads are from file-sharing services.


Rapidshare is cheap, and its better, but I still need to upload stuff, well i guess there is no other option for me.