Why i am not earning money with my blog?


try to get a TLD/domain so that search engines give u high priiority and u ll get gud visistors

i almost get 50% trafic from search engines


is blog pinging a legitimate tool for increasing traffic? what are the chances of getting banned on search engines while registering on auto ping submission sites?

btw inline placement of ads has really improved click ratios on my site. it worked for me.


i dont thinkg your add placement is good


try to insert one or two on the top

under banner

you ll notice high ctr


xaheer,u are a uetian.!!!.i am also!!!!hahaha

yara,uetians are very bad at english...they shouldnt be instead!!!!!

the suggestions given to u are very solid..I am not much into blogging,however I am thinking to take plunge at last..but as far as I am concerned,I 'll never go to the blog of that person who does spell mistakes..it definetely gives bad impression.

i am thinking of making a blog of pure english stuff!!!!my personal poems and my perosonal short stories etc etc...


why r u all keep mentioning about spell mistakes on my blog again and again? i have already rectified the problem and am now using MS OFFICE for publishing posts in order to stop it happen again.




Let's talk about grammatical mistakes now..




THE spectre!!!


Will all this CAUSE any improvement???


i doubt

i am still getting an average of 20 unique visitors per day. please feel free to suggest whether i need further improvements in the subject blog's structure only. :)


For me, personally, I would go back to a blog, if it

has the following qualities:

01. Layout: Clear, concise, colorful.

02. Language: Engaging, humorous, flowing.

03. Content: Current, relevant, resource-full.

If any of the above is missing, or corrupted, I will

likely not return.

There is another thing. Engineers who just plop a

bunch of fancy charts and figures on there, are

missing an important ingredient: The human element.

That's why some of the most popular tech-websites

where techies do reviews of products, manage to

incorporate and infuse their personalities into their

columns. Human beings have an inherent basic

instinct to bond and connect. I should know this

"Zaheer" character a little better, every time I read

another one of his posts. That's the killer app.

You gotta break a lil sumthin' sumthin' of your soul

into each post, bud. That's why some writers liken

writing to giving blood, making babies, etc. Writing,

is easy. Writing well, hard.




Sheikh 'Come & Get it!' Chilli