Why google blocked adsens on our blog

in 13 days we earned more then 100$ by this blog http://itsek.blogspot.com/, we didn't have any copyrighted material or some illegal stuff in this blog. but google blocked the adsens on our blog without telling any proper reason. there are thousands of blogs out there which are sharing so many illegal and pirated stuff openly. but google does not take any action against them, then why they targeted us. can some one explain. and can someone tell me what we should do.

your WAY of writing makes me feel that u know the reason..

believe me i have alse been through some such accidents in which there was my fault but i dont wana admit it and i ask people y this happened to me to get their hamdardi..

believe me or not i can understand ur feelings...

google is not a pakistani who will close your account widout any reason ok..

the only reason i can understand is the last post about the google and twitter, also i m not here to find some sort of hamdardi, i just want to share others experiences about the blogging, and suggestions for our future plans. let me also tell you that we did not used fake clicks or any thing but we used proper online marketing and invited people to visit our blogs.

ok bro or sis whatever u r

read the whole T&C

of google adsense then may be you wil find your flaw..

You must have violated the TOS.

Displaying "Sponsors" "Sponsor Adds" or "partners" as add slot heading could be a reason too ,

ok what ever that is, i ll not die without adsens, now i am planing to start our own hosted wordpress blog. what do you guy say?

You must have violated the TOS bcz I had some experience about this. Don't worry read adsense Tos carefully and start from "0" with new aim or see NasirJafri.Com and contact free for help in Pakistan

Some people are telling me that we got blocked due to this post : http://peaceink.blogspot.com/ what do you say ...............

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Some people are telling me that we got blocked due to this post : http://peaceink.blogspot.com/ what do you say …

You want to execute your “freedom of expression” and you want to earn on it while the advertisers (Adsense publish their ads) who are Christians and Jews pay you for this? :confused:

Adsense is a publisher. It’s the advertisers who pay money to Google Adsense and Google pay you a share for hosting ads.

Irony of us, Muslims. We want them (Christians and Jews) to pay us while we are using their technology (electricity, computer hardware, computer software etc. etc.) and equipment made by them (computer hardware) and still we want to bash them.

I am not against your freedom of expression. Do that, but don’t expect to earn on that from the same pockets on which you are criticizing.

google normally sends you an email before banning you. post that email here

you may be violated the terms of services of adsense., may be click fraud.

in 13 daysuearned more then 100$ . its a point. may be you clicked on your ads sometimes or many times or may be your frends done this daily. google is not foolish but he can make you one.

Violation of TOS