Why don't the webmasters use adsense or something and make money?


On this website,adsense is the easiest thing..


ahm... i suppose they could if they wanted to but i think they don't want to... i mean they are using a free forum script!

but i don't know who is paying for the website renewal and hosting :)


Khalid Omer (KO), the founder of the forum is happy to pay for the hosting services etc, and wants to keep the forum ad free. though i wont mind ads on the forum in the future..


@ ali100

Rather than starting a new topic, you should have made it as "suggestion" in following topic:


My prediction is that this topic will soon get close.


why do u care if they earn money or not?


they did use adsense when the forum were new..

according to KO

This site makes negative money. It did have google adds for a few months, in which it made a grand total of 1 dollar and 32 cents. Than in some upgrade the code for the adds got removed, and I never put it back, as it was only making about 15 cents a month... Probably has to do with how many Pakistani's ISP show their users all coming from the same IP.

Now, if this was wiredlasvegas instead of wiredpakistan, it'd probably make tons of money in google adds!