Whu "NICKS'?

U all people comment on 'Why do people use nicknames on forums instead of their real names(mostly)!!!??'

I dont see any reason in doing so!!!

coz nicks looks better than personal names :lol: (joke) :lol:

^didnt get that!!!

Nick can show your personalty what kind of interests you've and in what career your're specialist like a don who is a murderer he will chose his nick on a murder forum as don_the_killer instead of his real name and on a tech forum most of people have their nicks like techy_boy TeraBite g.a.m.e techMan villageITboy etc.

other reason maybe is name availability most of names like dogarsahab afzal SaadIbrahim Javed Sameed etc. already in use so its not possible to get same name on same forum or in chat room which are already being use so people like to make different looking nicks and IDs ,can i create a new "dogarsahab" nick on WPForum? and two similarly looking nicks can make confusion like dogarsahab and dogarsahab1 2 3 4....because you're not the only dogarsahab in pakistan there're lots

^There are many 'dogarsahab' in pakistan indeed but I dont think so that u will find many dogarsahabs in one forum..:|

And moreover,I think that even in this forum there are many nicks and I dont think so that these are due to non-availability!!!

most of us don't want to disclose our identity

^ you talking about forums not only for this forum in your 1st post of this page, i was just trying to explain you why'd people mostly chose nicks instead of their real Names this only because name not availability, who don't wanna get realname@yahoo.com or gmail.com or hotmail.com etc


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most of us don’t want to disclose our identity

Anything wrong in doing that???

^ sometimes it can be wrong and dangerous when you're committed in very small local forum where all those members are your fellows or citizens so people keep privacy strong and hide their identities for some reasons

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most of us don’t want to disclose our identity

Its not like as if one’s all bio-data is shown unwantedly if he/she/it opts for real name…

i use my name

^ now fil

^very funny