Who is disappointed that wwe is not real and scripted?

have u guys ever wonder if theres any way to convince mr. mcmahon to make wwe real? i still don't get why they do it like this, i mean like i know that the reason why they make it fake is because they don't wanna get sued and don't want wrestler to get hurt. a lot of sports are dangerous, sports like boxing or canyon duels. how come those sports are real and not wrestling. they can make it real, can they?

You came to know this just now? 0.o

^^ YES i know that last night when i was watching wwe

WWE (previously known as WWF) was always fake.

Watch the movie 'Wrestler' to know more about what happens behind the stage..

I used to be a big time mark until 7-8 years ago and then I become smark.

Actually wrestling is not fake but scripted. Think of it like a movie with drama, romance, tragedy, fun and action except in films nobody get hurt except for may extras and actors sometimes but in wrestling they do take bump for real.

Watch Micky Rourke moview Wrestling like 40mbps said and you will know how this business works.

By the way not every thing in wrestling is scripted. Some of the things off the top of my head:

1. Montreal Screw Job!!!!!!

One of the biggest incident in Wrestling history. If you don't know about it....you don't know wrestling. PERIOD.

2. Death of Owen Hart

Isn't it ironic that both 1st and 2nd spot of this list is taken by elder and younger brother respectively. Go find out what I am talking about....hints.... Over the Edge 1999....Blue Blazer

3. Monday Night War

Wow that was intense and real!! Does anybody remember the Monday night wars between RAW and NITRO from the 90s!?

WWE is totally fake , i love MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts) at AXN and espn thats awesome and 100% true :)

Though its scripted like any drama , but those old days of Bret Heart (Hit Man) , Owen Heart , 123 Kid and others , were intersting , it became all too boring after that, or may be I was out of teenage , lol.


How did you get to know its fake? How old are you?

I figured it out that it was fake long time back.. i used to think that it was real when i was a kid.

If they make it real, They wont be able to have so much drama that they have these days.. Randy Orton kissing HHH's wife :D or breaking the neck of everyone etc etc.. If it was real then it would only be simple fighting with no drama. I mean, Imagine what someone would do to you if you go beat their wife and then kiss them haha :P.

Lol man u knw not just wwe whole wrestling is fake & since its vbery begining. I have done reserch. I have a documentry thats goes back from 1900-2000. It shows how n why wrestling became fake. Many top stars like ric flair admit this.

Link to that documentary ?

Here is the link to the 1st part u can find other related parts from there

It is titled as Unreal story of professional wrestling


Its just like a stage drama! I loved wrestling and was really crazy about it when i was a child, but when i came to know that wrestling was fake i was really disappointed and never watched it again...!!! :(

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtbaeBBb5nI even its own actors said this is sports entertainment its’not real

Btw just rewind and watch the big stuff closely.. I sometimes download Raw and Smackdown and watch them so i can rewind and watch..

A few weeks back Randy Orton hammered Shane Mchmahon's ankle with the steel steps.. Now if you would look at it and rewind it closely and check it out, Mcmahon pulled out his leg at the last minute and the steel steps missed his ankle and didnt even hit him but he was acting as if his foot got broken.. LOL..

Everything is stagged.. Some of the fighting is probably real but most of them is fake, specially the big stuff.. You can find loads of videos of fake wrestling on youtube..

but its fun to watch...i dont care whether its real or scripted :)

Movies are not real as well. but we watch them for just entertainment right..

just like that.. wresteling is fun.. even it is scripted..

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but its fun to watch…i dont care whether its real or scripted :)

Exactly i have seen almost all wrestling documentries showing it is fake but i love wrestling as long as it provides with good solid entertainment who cares if it is fake

If you want real wrestling....watch ECW....in fact that is fake too according to your definition. I say this is real but scripted.