Who is Badar Khushnood?

LOL. Funny, that you even ask this question. He is obviously associated with Google 'officially'. Like, someone else in the thread pointed out, he has a @google.com email address - that is something not you, or I can have just for fun.

Secondly, I won't even go into details on how and why he was hired, but just to make things clear... Badar Khushnood is a Country Consultant at Google for Pakistan, mainly for Google AdWords. Apart from that, since there are no other Google employees or a proper Google team in Pakistan, he is also handling most of the Pakistan-related tasks at Google.

If you want to try your luck getting hired by Google, then why not go to Google Jobs and look there? Why bash someone on a public forum? Or just drop him an email and ask yourself what does he do. I'm sure he will be glad to clear things out for all the 'curious' folks out here! ;)

^ Look who is here :rolleyes:

@Sana Saleem

In my opinion, contribution is something which was made possible by someone. Do you really think that had it not been for Badar, Google would have ignored floods in Pak?

Moreover, I guess OP is more interested in his contributions in realm of technology of a caliber better than SEO, ads etc.

Can you inform him that a few pages of more information on his website will kill the 'defamation' attempts on a public forum?

Lack of information raises questions, which is not an insult necessarily.

We have people who use prweb to be interviewed on Express News. hint: Dr Sir Aurengzeb Hafi

Common sense is not Common in Pak. Hence his news 'story' still up on Express Tribune


LOL@Badar's chamchas!

Where did I defame him? I am just curious and I explained in detail why I am curious because the history or the process is/was not known. Because if someone says "hey I am Microsoft MVP" or "I am Microsoft Evangelist" then everyone knows how to become MVP or evangelist. There is a process available and a roadmap to follow. Plus there isn't just one "Evangelist" or "MVP" per country like in this case so I was thinking why not ask and clear things up.

Good for him if he is contributing. And I did email him but didn't get an answer.

Harisn and Sana Saleem have joined this forum just for Badar Khushnood? Is there something undercover which is being covered by people? Or people are trying to get ''Khusnodi'' of Badar Khushnood. Or may be Badar Khushnood himself is trying to sabotage this thread. I am in quest for answers.

I don't sense any malicious attempt by the OP. Take a chill pill everyone.

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planning to kidnap?


I love the idea! Does this guy have any fan club? or anything like that? coz it feet from the comments here there are many fanboy of him. And what is so special about him?

I don't represent anyone nor I make money via any Google products but I can tell you for sure that he's a legitimate team member of Google and he's there since 2006.

There was an open job opportunity and various candidates applied. I was a student at FAST Lahore then and Badar was in ASUS. After going through all the procedures, he was preferred over techies by Google because he had an Economics and Sales background in a Technical Company like ASUS. Google's immediate concern was to monetize products in Pakistan so he was a best choice for them. This whole interview process was pretty transparent.

But on the side he has helped various techies get into Google by facilitating their interviews. One of them was my senior from FAST.

It's not easy to manage Pakistan operations single handedly and Badar has done this all alone. We should appreciate him for all he has done for students and professionals in our community. Just imagine if a tech wizard would be able to coordinate so many events all across Pakistan and raise fundings accordingly. I don't know about you but I was nobody (perhaps a student) who approached him and he helped me wherever he could. Please put yourself in his boats before sending him an email and see if you'll reply to the email being the Country Consultant. There are somethings where he might want to help you but could not bring those in written so just call him up. He has made his mobile phone number public to discuss anything with him. Also do realize that even I get 200 emails a day. With our busy schedule, it's not easy to reply all of them. Busy professionals reply the most urgent ones first. So if you are unable to get a response, kindly send out a polite reminder after a week.

Just pray and hope that Google Office opens up soon in Pakistan and all of you get to work for the company. The day is not far away. But kindly stop leg pulling of others. If you'll !@#$% about him, Google would be reluctant to come again to this space. Just see what's happening in the case of Paypal.

Work hard and believe that where Allah would take you would be in your best interest. Let's pray Apple comes to Pakistan and TechMan becomes its Country Manager. Good Luck with your future endeavours.

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Let’s pray Apple comes to Pakistan and TechMan becomes its Country Manager. Good Luck with your future endeavours.


Thanks man but I don’t think I can become country manager of “apple fruit” let alone Apple company.

Good to hear your view point. I still have some reservations but may be some other time.

KO should thank me because just this topic has brought 3 new members on this forum :D

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Thanks man but I don’t think I can become country manager of “apple fruit” let alone Apple company.

Good to hear your view point. I still have some reservations but may be some other time.

KO should thank me because just this topic has brought 3 new members on this forum :D


Seems like Kids of Badar Khushnood. :rolleyes:

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LOL! even Rehman Malik knows him :)


Rehman Malik Surely knows him because people like him wants to hijack youtube to gain access to terrorists. He thinks, terrorists have territory on youtube. (Remember his statement).

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Rehman Malik Surely knows him because people like him wants to hijack youtube to gain access to terrorists. He thinks, terrorists have territory on youtube. (Remember his statement).


That was a false news, or wrong interpretation you can say. Well i guess both Google and RM are not sincere to Pakistan :) Case closed.

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Seems like Kids of Badar Khushnood. :rolleyes:



@OP, he's legit.

P.S. those going all out to defend him, relax. OP was just curious. And welcome to wiredpakistan.

And all of you counter-bashing, understand the sentiments here; many people happen to respect the guy.

Hi TechMan,

You and others claim you are just being curious but I don't think your tone seems like you are only curious. You are raising questions, pointing fingers and are trying to be critical about his integrity whereas, you don't even have your real name on your profile. So why not you talk about your integrity first?

You are questioning how to become a Google employee. Why don't you try learning how to use Google at first place and search for how to be at Google. I don't know the reason for your questions but no one, especially Badar, is answerable to anyone about what he does and how he got there. But, as far as I know Badar, I'll urge you to meet him someday and ask him directly and he's one of the most cooperative persons I've ever met. He'll be cooperative and will answer to all of your queries. But off course, you should do this only if your eggo is not hurt and that you don't feel like being his 'chamcha'. I wish you meet him someday (if not already met) and I'm sure your views about him will change.

However, for rest of the community who doesn't know about Badar Khushnood, below are a few links to help everyone out.

1- Badar's Picasa Profile. People who hide behind fake names are talking about Badar's integrity. Badar has photos for all the activities he does on his Picasa gallery.


2- Badar himself explains what he does on ground in Pakistan. Watch at least first 1 minute of this video from 2011 APAC Google Geo Users Summit held in Singapore in April 2011.

Do you guys think anyone can be on Google podium and present himself as a country consultant and Google uploads his video to one of their properties, YouTube, under one of their official channel Google Map Maker, and write Badar's position as Country Consultant of Pakistan..? Makes sense?

3- Badar helped in organizing 1st ever Google Technical Training via HEC Video Conference Network where an Engineer from UK was the preseneter and it was aired in most Universities in Pakistan. I happened to be one of the attendees at HEC Regional office in Lahore. Badar was coordinating everything from HEC Headquarters in Islamabad. Pics below;


Here's a link to the questions viewers from Pakistan asked from the engineer and I remember, a few of them asked how to join Google and the answer was the same as I posted at the end of my comment.


So anyone can convince Google to have a video conference in Pakistan and let the students here have an opportunity to talk directly to a Google engineer about possibly anything..? (The conference had a topic but people asked mostly off topic questions and every question was answered.)

4- Badar helped secure a whopping Rs. 20 Million fund for P@SHA Social Innovation Fund as a seed money. The winners for 1st round of P@SHA Fund were announced yesterday and a lot more applicants shortlisted for P@SHA fund and probably win in the next round.


Pics from the P@SHA SIF launch event: https://picasaweb.go...onFundSIFLaunch

And you may think anyone can convince Google to get this fund in Pakistan which help started P@SHA Fund and may help provide start-up money for brilliant ideas that were not able to launch before.

5- Mobilink with Motorola & Samsung were stupid enough to think Badar as Google country consultant. They launched their phones with the "so called" Google consultant in Pakistan. Right?




6- As far as I know, it took Badar around 5 years to bring Google team to visit Pakistan. In December, 2010 a team of 5 Googlers visited Paksitan and now they (Google) are talking about opening an office in Paksitan. Before, they never felt a need for this.

I can literally keep on writing as I know him for more than 4 years now. He's a full time employee at Google and takes care of Google operations in Pakistan. The YouTube video above has enough information about him and what he does.

If you can find how to be a Microsoft evangelist and you can't find how to be a Google evangelist, what does Badar has to do with it? He's an employee and not the policy maker at Google. The process of how to apply at Google is mentioned below.

Now how did he get a job at Google..?

As far as I know, he had at least 6 interviews (I am not sure though. Anyone can ask him directly and he'll explain how he was hired) at Google before he was hired. Anyone can get a job in Google based on his abilities. Google doesn't have any office in Pakistan yet, but any Pakistani can apply for the job at Google Jobs. If you are hired, you may have to move to their preferred location to work for them. You can read all about it on their page.


If you need any tips on how to get a job at Google, these guys have spent their time writing for people willing to get any information on this topic.





Or you can research more on this topic on Google. Google also maintains their social profiles specifically for their jobs announcements and life of Googlers at Google.





I'll expect from the admin of this forum, being the owner & moderator of the forum, please help in shaping a positive image of Pakistani tech community. We have our government to derail the progress of the country in general and IT sector in specific. We need to help Badar to get Google open an office in Pakistan so that all of the Pakistanis can access and be heard at Google. You must be aware of the recent AdSense blockade of a lot of users in Pakistan and you must also be aware of what Rehman Malik said about banning of Google in Pakistan.

Apart from it, I would request all of the members to actually help P@SHA to get the draft for IT policy in Pakistan finalized. To have a strong IT sector, we need an IT policy in place. Visit the P@SHA website below and read and participate in helping shape the policy before it is finally presented to the government. Let alone creating a policy, we'll be thankful to the governemnt if they at least approve the one created by the community of Pakistan Software Houses Association for ITs & ITEs (P@SHA).


I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but let's not bash someone. We have to have a collective effort to get the IT sector on track in Pakistan. Let's be the helping one and to start with, we need an IT policy in our country. The above P@SHA link needs your attention.


Usman Latif


[updated] Added more reference links.

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So who exactly is this guy? I know people say that he is "Google Pakistan Consultant" but I don't understand in what capacity he is working for Google?

1. Is he Google employee and draws salary?

2. Is he on daily wages?

3. Is he working on commission?

4. Does he get some kind of stipend!??

According to his linked in profile "Working as a 'Country Consultant' on behalf of Google in Pakistan. Acting as a Google evangelist" so he is a Google evangelist now? How do you become Google Evangelist? I couldn't find any information on this subject! because if you want to become a Microsoft Evangelist then there is plenty of information available and a roadmap which you need to follow to become evangelist? So how did he become evangelist and "consultant" for Google in Pakistan?

Did Larry Page called him one morning and said "look badar we are appointing you as consultant for Pakistan" is he really offocialy associated with Google or self proclaimed consultant?


Wow, this topic is sure getting a lot of attraction. popcorn.gif

That's the pakistani tech bloggers brigade via twitter. Good to see them on a forum.

Well if this continues i guess the next post would be from Badar himself :)


I'll not say anything more since Usman and others have explained well enough that who actually is Badar. I don't think his website has been updated any time recently and since most of information is public, his public profile is available at http://gplus.to/badar

Just to add, following is the link where such jobs are posted so good luck!






Actually, the better term is internet marketers instead of tech bloggers. They are doing what they are good at i.e. marketing/SEO. But this time, they have to realize that Badar Khushnud is a human not a product. Had they left this thread alone, it would have died in one page. Now, several new pages will take birth.


"On internet, no one knows you are a dog". Using real name or not, that does not add credibility to poster. So, its a lame objection at OP. You will say the same about me. Who cares. After all, im a hawker.

Can you tell me how did you come to know about this thread and decided to signup? Do you think WP was not worth your account before that? And you are not alone. There are few others who made their first and last post in this thread.

Are you or anyone else in blogosphere willing to actually help the WP community? How about some video tutorials and learning aid in Urdu language teaching marketing, seo, blogging and stuff? I hope it will be free.