Which upcoming movie are u looking forward too


here is what iam excited about

indiana jones and the kingdom of crystal skull

star trek

iron man

get smart

forbiden kingdom



and the dark knight

all trailers are on utube

which upcoming are u looking forward too


I'm a bit of a sci-fi freak. Would really like to see Star Trek. I saw the trailer for Iron Man. Was rolling around on the floor laughing. It looked like a spoof! Get Smart might be good. Haven't heard about the others.


The hobbit.


Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay


I am waiting for Hancock..... it will be fun.

for Hi-def trailers, go to hd-trailers.net.


i m crossing my fingers for dark knight


I am looking forward to the Indy Jones flick.


iron man :) will be a good movie for the kiddies i guess>>probably made for key demographics of 12 -18 years


I m lookin for National Treasure : Book of Secrets 2, Its orignal version is not available yet. Isn't it?



Kung Fu Hustle 2

Sin City 2



Kung Fu Hustle 2

Sin City 2

when are they releasing that>>

just saw the new hulk trailer>>looks like they got it right this time


THE Dark Knight

cant wait to see the joker


hulk 2