Which size Split A/C

I want to buy split A/C for a small room i.e 12 x12 sq ft on first floor which remain expose to sun at day time,please tell me 1 ton A/C will be enough for the room or i should opt for 1.5 ton.Which Brand should be better and what is the price range.

you should opt for 1.5 tons due to following reasons:

1. First Floor and more exposed to sun heat

2. Technically 1.0 tons would be enough for your room but its compressor will be running extra time compared to 1.5 tons. 1.5 ton will lower down temp much faster and will trip to save electricity.

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Feel the walls in a hot summer day. if they are HOT then 1.5 tons. If the room just stays warm then 1 ton. I have a similar size room. Only one of the wall is exposed to direct sunlight. I have a 1 ton LG three year old Split and it cools the room good.

good option will be to go for a one ton ac. it will cost you 23 to 25 thou for a good brand