Which PC to buy?


I have been buying many PC's lately and need some advice today for upgrading my own PC.

Which of the following is the best one?


IBM Tower

P4 3.4GHZ


80GB Barcudda (New)




HP Compaq dc7600 Desktop

3.0 GHZ


80GB HD Sata

DVD Burner

Dual Core Supported



Dell Gx270 Tower

3.2 GHZ


80 GB HD




Dell Optilex Gx620 Tower

P4 3.0 GHZ 1mb cache 800

Kingston 1GB DDR2 (New)

80GB HD Sata




IBM Tower

3.2 GHZ 2mb cache

2GB Ram DDRII (New)

120 GB HD



I personally trust the seller of 5) as I have been buying many PC's from him. The cost of 5) is 1500/- Rs above as compared to 1). But I have never bought anything from 1) seller.

My work will be related to graphic designing and heavy processing, using firefox browsers with dozens of plugin. A browser which opens after 4-8 minutes on this P3.

Please guide me with your best advice, by the way this was my first post ever on a Pakistani forum.

Thank you!


Also, I heard that Hyper threading technology is helpful for graphics and processing work. I also heard that PC's above 3.0 processor has HDT built in, is that true or just a fake statement by a shop keeper, techno city. Shukria!


4-8 minutes to open a browser....?! Thats ridiculous. What exactly do you have installed in your plug-ins list.


None of them; buy the hardware separately and get it assembled. You would want a Core2Duo E6xxx series (2.6ghz+) with 4gb DDR2 ram.


How much will that cost me?


Yes, I am personally an SEO. So I need many plugins. I have different browsers for internet browsing, that opens with a click. But this one has around 50 plugins and takes time to open!


Man atleast go for a dual core pc or core 2 duo preferably with minimum 2gb of ddr2 ram.

The minimum u can get is

dual core E2220 @ 2.4 GHz Rs 6850

Motherboard Asus P5K-VM Rs 6400

Ram 2 * 1GB 667MHz Rs 3200

Casing Normal Rs 1500

Hard Disk Min 160 GB Rs 3800

Total = 21750 And I think U'll Also need a gud graphics card for graphic processing and that's gonna cost you around 5 to 6 thousand


I am getting 5) for 16000/-

By the way, I am not a hard core graphics developer. No 3d work! just 2d softwares. Although, I need a heavy system within this range I mentioned above.

Any advice?


@ zindadil

As mentioned by other fellow WP members, I shall also highly recommend you to buy a PC with Core 2 processor and with at least 2 GB RAM (make it 4 GB if you are going to run Vista 64-bit). Also invest in a graphic card with at least 256 MB memory (512 MB will be best but don't go below 128 MB) and it should be at least DirectX 9 compatible card.

If you are going to buy your new PC for just 6 months or a year at the maximum then go for P4, otherwise invest in Core 2 Duo because multiple core processor is the future.

Good luck, do tell us what you bought and how is it working?

Fe-Aman Allah.


Yea sure, I'll keep you guys updated. I was about to leave to buy that 5) PC. But your advice once again is forcing me to think.

My range is under 18000/- or may be a little more than that. How much your suggested PC would cost?


Do not buy HT enabled P4's since they have heating issues. I know because I fried mine some time back. Buy a Core 2 Duo that is within your budget range.

Also dual core is different from core 2 duo and is a waste of time and money.


hmmm sounds very alerting!


[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Do not buy HT enabled P4’s since they have heating issues. I know because I fried mine some time back. Buy a Core 2 Duo that is within your budget range.

Also dual core is different from core 2 duo and is a waste of time and money.


I agree with you on Ht part coz i also had a Ht processor which usually and mostly had heat issue, but don’t agree on dual core part that they are waste of money, they are also gud processors but with less cache.

@zindadil, Man go for dual core 1.8 with p5k-vm mobo the package is gonna cost u around Rs. 12000 and you can overclock that processor on that mobo easily upto 2.8GHz, or if u want to go a bit more cheaper then go for dual core 1.8 with asus p5kpl-vm and this package will cost u Rs. 10000 and u can overclock it to 2.4 GHz atleast.


What's mobo?


What's the difference between dual core and core 2 duo exactly?


mobo is motherboard. Actually dual core and core2duo both are based on same technology uptill the 800Mhz processors the only difference is that core2duo has more cache like 2MB, 3MB, 4MB etc but dual core only has 1MB.


dual core and core 2 duo are based on totally different architectures meaning totally different designs.

and they have a huge load of differences technically but, jargon aside what benefits u is that core 2 processors run cooler, do work more efficiently, are better equipped for multi-threaded tasks and are ofcourse a tad bit more expensive...


With atleast 80GB of HD and 2GB of DDR2 Ram and atleast 2MB cache and 20,000/- of money, what's the best package I can buy?


core 2 duo e4500 (2.2GHz , 2MB cache) 8250

motherboard p5kpl-vm 4600

Hdd 80gb seagate 3300

Casing Normal 1500

Ram 2 * 1gb corsair 667MHz 3200

Total 20850

Or u can replace mobo with asus p5n-mx for 3800


Are these prices of new PC Baber? as I went to the market today and branded PC's are not available. The Pc's I mentioned in the starting of thread are branded. Thanks