Which Netbook to select?

Hi all, im planning to buy netbook...but im confused btw HP mini 2140, Acer Aspire and MSI wind...but im leaning twrds Hp mini 2140 cuz its a beauty...anyways say ur pro opinion regarding price and performance...only got 2weeks to buy ..hurry up! have to place my order...!

Well my advice would be to go for a notebook instead of a netbook, if you get it in the same price range, you'll get a faster processor + optical drive + larger screen. Go for a netbook only if you're gonna use it as a secondary pc all the time.

actually i need it as secondary PC..i don need processing, i need it for surfing n not much...for high performance work i have a Core2Quad(Q8400)..i need a netbook to use it like a netbook..so which netbook is gud?

Why dont u consider HP mini 5101 .... its an awesome netbook

hmm its out yet? lemme check

gud netbook ..but its not out yet here in PAK...waiting for it...!