Which MoTHERBOARD with Dual core E5200?

Friends i am planning to buy INTEL DUAL CORE E5200 and Graphics card 8600gts or 9400gt..Please suggest me that which motherboard will best suit this combination.thanx in advance for ur help...and any further suggestions for Graphics card..as i have a budget of 6000 for graphics card..Please reply soon

I recommend getting an Asus M2n4-sli with the E5200 and 8600GT.

@poton12 thanks for notifying, i had posted the wrong thing at the wrong place.

^hahah lol amd 6000 wid e5200 hahah....do u wnt to put e5200 on amd 6000

dude both of them r processors :lol:

Amongst those two graphic cards go with 8600gts. and the mobo hmmmmmmm well tell us your budget first and also tell us whether u plan to overclock or not??

Thanx to all of u for ur suggetsions..my budget for mobo is Rs.5000

I am thinking of buying XFX INTEL chipset XG31i..What you guys think ABOUT it

i am using p5n73-cm asus mobo with e5200 .... but i got that mobo just because it has built in nvidia 7100... i got it a couple of weeks ago for only 4500rs... you can look into that... i got it from galaxy

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I am thinking of buying XFX INTEL chipset XG31i…What you guys think ABOUT it

It is almost the same as Intel DG31PR in specs except that it has firewire i think,and i have been hearing good reviews especially about low warranty claims compared to intel.So i would say go for it.And avoid the intel one as i’ve seen including myself lot of warranty returns there of.

Go for any of the following two:

asus p5n73-cm

xfx g31i

@h4tEbr33d: buddy have u overclocked ur processor on asus p5n73-cm How far u reached with the stock voltage and then the highest vcore available in the bios?