Which modem should i go for?

Hey guys im looking for a DSL Modem which also has Wireless capabilities and also has 4 LAN ports so i can connect my PCs through a wired connection and my PSP and Laptop through a wireless connection. Can you guys suggest me any good DSL modem with these features ?

alamode ,

I recently bought Linksys WRT54G2 router to share my DSL between my and brother's desktops and to be able to use the same internet on my Laptop.

After bringing the Router home, and messing with it with the help of all my friends at the IRC channel, I was able to make the whole network works.

WRT54G2 has 4 ethernet ports so suports 4 desktop PCs. Wifi support (nice range, covers all of my house :P). and one port for the dsl input.

Everything works like a charm. I can direclty connect and see the ZTE modem page and can also view and configure the G2's configuration page.

Superb Router for a nice price. Would recommend it.

P.S. WRT54G2 in pindi cost 4300rs.

No actually im looking for a Modem + Router in one device. I dont want to add a router after my modem. I need a modem which has 4 ports builtin and also wireless capability. Reason is that well my wireless router stopped working its wireless is not working for some reason and my modem is shiro which is crap so i need to get a new modem as well so instead of buying a modem and a router i want to buy a device which is both.

How is your modem crap? The modem performs a fairly straightforward task and it either works or it doesn't work. If it works, then just get a decent router like Linksys, install a third party firmware and you'll have a lot of options available to manage your network.

yes alamode, sah is right. Alot of people here use Shiro. isharis, Mohsin, Ashar etc. It works fine for them. Its either your line or your exchange. Anyway, go for a good Linksys router like the G2. Or wait for others to suggest you an all-in-one solution to your prolbem :)

I was told in the Maxcom thread that some of the problems i was facing was because of the shiro modem.

Like sometimes it will unsync but it wont connect unless i restart it manually so if i put something on download in the night and if it gets disconnected in the night due to some reason, It wont sync back in so the downloads can continue but instead ill have to restart it manually in the morning and then restart the downloads. Stuff like that.

Plus having 2 routers also creates problems in portforwarding as well which is one of the reason why i just want one device to do the work for me.

Anyway AbbasJin how much did that LinkSys router cost you ?

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Anyway AbbasJin how much did that LinkSys router cost you ?

Actually he already mentioned it in his first post.

Sorry didnt notice :D