Which Modem IS best? providing By PTCL

1 Huawei

2 Shiro

3 ZTE_831


5 Zyxel

huawei. i have not heard any complaints regarding this router

Definitely not Shiro. Don't know about the rest.

I bought another router to replace this Shiro crap :)

ZTE 831D is the best

Zyxel is best they are offering. never go for Shiro as it is voltage sensitive and hanging problem while browsing configuration page.

ZTE-ZXDSL 831D is also good.

Shiro is more than voltage sensitive. Occassionally, it would snap(restart) on my pure sine wave UPS.

^ Yes, I experienced that too.

I changed the modem and now no problems of restart.. uninterrupted internet ;)

zte 831 best i think

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Shiro is more than voltage sensitive. Occassionally, it would snap(restart) on my pure sine wave UPS.

but that might be because your UPS has a greater transfer time.

For the discussion… I have ZTE ZXDSL 831 II and performance wise it is good. I just do not like the setting page, options available on the modem etc. If you are kind of “set it and forget it” person then the above modem will be perfect for you. If you like to tinker around with your modem then get one that is a little more user friendly.

^ I disagree.

In my case, I changed my Shiro router and now I don't experience the restart problem.

It's Shiro, not the UPS!

i think huwae is the best as i have earlier sharo but after applying for smart tv i have given this and i am satisfied with this,now i am afraid that will they give back me the sharo modem if i terminate the smart tv in july?

what are rates for modem like huwae in open mkt?

^ Yes, they give a nice modem when you opt for Smart TV :)

No comparison of that one.

yes i have nice one ,but i want to aks if i terminate the smart tv will they allow me to use that huwaei 1 modem or they just give me the old sahro modem which they replaced for smart tv

they will give the old one back. unfortunately, because i will also terminate smart TV in june

what are the rates for same hawai modem in open mkt do any one have idea

I saw a Linksys one with WiFI, I think it's cost was 7500. That was the most expensive I saw for home use.

The Huwaei one should be cheaper than this!

i had a huwae modem back in June-October 2007 then i terminate my connection.

is there any condition ptcl had in contract for smart tv or dsl that they will return there modem after termination of conection ,i heared that afetr 1 year modem is free to us any one have experiance of that i think we should not return hawai modem to them(any jugar for that)

Huawei HG510 iz d best which comez wid Smart Tv... :-P

Don't make confusion here. In a contract after 1 year you dont have to give your modem back and for Smart Tv they have just replaced which have extra ports for other services.