Which is the most Energy efficient fridge/refrigerator?

In market there are no. of brands. Probably more famous are Dawlance, Haier.

Which one is the more energy efficient?

B/w models of Dawlance what is the difference of energy consumption of 10 Cft, 11Cft and 12 Cft refregirators?

Dawlence is not as good as it used to be, my old dawlence freezer is still good while me new dawlence refigerator is gone for repair for 3 days.

Anyways i'll recommend you to buy Orient refrigerator. They are still providing durable electronic items.

My relative bought Sanyo refrigerator which is durable. Not so much sure about the power consumption.

Dawlance lia To Baat bani... :P

i have a hitachi, sucks up about 5amps of power when the compressors running.

Singer has given on its website among different products that what is the power consumption of that particular unit. Say for example its 10Cft fridge is of 90 watts and 12 Cft is of 120 watts. Anyhow I can't find this information for Dawlance?

By the way I'm more interested to compare Haier and Dawlance refrigerators....any help would be appreciated.