Which is the best news channel in Pakistan?


Usually i watch geo tv but i think dunya tv is emerging as 2nd best news channel in pk. I will recommend to watch 'hasbe- hal' on dunya tv, as it is the best of all shows currently airing on any news channel in pk.


best news tv in Pakistan is DW tv Asia

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Dunya TV ---- I have noticed they tell true stories ... nothing is exaggerated




Bharatis do not get Pakistani channels and keep on repeating what was taught to them in the temple Pakistan is a Nuclear power which can and will destroy Bharat... negative news about Pakistan Let us look...market was one of the best performing


Geo n duniya


Express 24/7 since it gives every news.

And second, Dawn News because they have sensible talk shows.


I think the fire is gone from Akhtar and now he is only playing to the galleries. Firstly, all the statements he made is completely baseless, I think the best team should ultimately win, and the fans from that country (however small in number they maybe) deserve to see their teams good performance.

Now why will India's presence " their presence will make the tournament more interesting and colorful" ??? And why wont it be the same if Australia are in? Do number of fans equate to something being interesting (unless colourful implies the colour of greenbacks). This is no reason why Pakistan should try their best to defeat Australia! I can guess Akhtar's intentions!




Express news.... they dont just collect a few stories about zardari's trips , gillani's love for multan, shehbaz shareef's sasti roti, altaf hussain's comedy , fauzia wahab's stupid comments , maulana diesel's halwa and salman taseer's love for his 1970's shades dat he even wears when sleepin ............and keep repeating them over and over again da whole day like a few other channels.They collect stories from all over da country from small villages to the huge cities.


There are lot of channels that have started recently, but in my opinion i like bol news, samaa news and hum news.