Which is better?


there are two agp cards on that page... which is better guyz?? the only extensive work i do on my old rig is play cs 1.6 and watch movies sometimes hd

don't know about games much but any decent card should be able to play cs1.6 [my old built-in VGA can play it]. ATI AGP HD3650 [can decode h264] should be able to play all HD videos easily.

Both are good budget cards but in 1650pro it says ICE Q which means it had stock cooling which means your card will remain under 55*C even in summer, 512MB ram means you can game at higher resolution. it is almost same as 4650 (PCI-E). But b/w these two 3650 got the latest chip and its more faster then 1650 pro also it will be very less utilize if you want to play HD movies on your pc coz of its higher support for HD, but problem is its made by force3d which is very new company to manufacture graphic cards, and even if we suppose that force3d is very good company (its HQ is in China btw) i must tell you this that 3650/3670/4650/4670 all these cards tend to run very hot and many users face a lot of problem coz of hot running graphic chips (hang ups, restarts and in many cases fried cards) the only solution is to get a card with stock cooling. In a hot country like Pakistan and you being reside in Lahore i would say go for 1650pro.

here is its comparison with 7600GT


ok..how do u compare ATI 3650 and ATI 2400..!!!Which is the better of the two..

^^ saad i know built in vga's can play 1.6 but 100 fps constant that too in smokes still requires something... but that that game is processor oriented rather than gpu... i just told these to tell you that i don't play any "new" games as i am only good at one game and have been playing it for 8 years... don't care about any other game.. and ofcourse hd movies as i love to watch in hd


man how heated does it get in 3650?? i mean i had a nvidia card 6200 256 mb and had a tiny fan but never went above 55 even in summers...doesn't it have a fan??

check it out


i also red somewhere (i think reviews at newegg.com) that the card touches 100*C sometimes.

but many are using it without any problems. if you got a room with nice air conditioning or cooling, buy it and just remove the side cover of your CPU. as i said in my previous post that 3650 have a clear edge over 1650 in terms of speed.

man that is hot like a latino babe:D ... i definately need the stronger gpu but temperature can be a headache

what if install extra fans?