Which EDGE connection is 'truly' Unlimited?

I plan to buy an EDGE USB device or a new connection (I have an EDGE-mobile).


Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Airport, Karachi


1- Mobile Internet for around 4hours each day in morning hours (10-12) and evening (2-4).

2- Backup connection (incase DSL goes down).

3- I expect around 4GB+ usage in case the speed remains at 15KBps+.


1- Unlimited connection. (Heavy bandwidth user on DSL; 15kbps+ can mean crossing bandwidth caps)

2- (I know it depends upon factors like BTS, distances, users, signals) 'somewhat' stable connection..

3- (Maybe) I would prefer Ufone because it has never let me down on Opera Mina (with good speeds), and I traveled a lot during last 1 year. I know EDGE coverage of Ufone is good in areas which I will use net in.

Which connection should I go for? Does Ufone postpaid allows truly unlimited connection (someone who has used it and knows it's truly unlimited)?

Another option is Worldcall EVDO, but if I get around 12-14kbps average speed on like 600rs of Ufone or Zong, then why pay Worldcall EVDO 1200 per month (been their user, and I know it's a pathetic service!)..

I guess 12-14kbps would be the average of EDGE as well?

Go for Zong Truly Unlimited Package for rs.999+ tax / month. (100% unlimited)

You're in karachi so you'll get good speeds too.

What are the average speeds on Zong in Karachi??

Well i too am in karachi and using zong, i get average 24KBps, sometimes less, sometimes more.

^Whats their contention?

and with tax how much?

Postpaid Ufone is also unlimited on 500Rs.+taxes

Similarly Blackberry service mobilink's internet is also unlimited cost you around 1000rs.

^^Ufone isn't Unlimited dude,it has fair usage policy a.k.a 2 GB Limit so don't post without confirmation:/

@Threadstarter:Go For zong as ULTIMATE SAID....!

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^^Ufone isn’t Unlimited dude,it has fair usage policy a.k.a 2 GB Limit so don’t post without confirmation:/

If you don’t know then don’t put pressure on your mind. Just Use internet and google. If still can’t find then accept what someone said, may be he knows more then you… Ufone Postpaid gives unlimited on just 500.

check this…

Sr. # package Name Volume Charges Price per MB Validity Activation SMS

1. Prepaid UrEDGE 5 5 MB Rs. 50/- Rs. 10/- 15 Days 801

2. Prepaid EDGE 30 30 MB Rs. 150/- Rs. 5.00/- 30 Days 802

3. UrEDGE Unlimited Fair Use Policy* Rs. 500/- Rs. 0.33/- 30 Days 803

2. Postpaid Unlimited Unlimited Rs. 500/- N/A Prorate Monthly Billing from date of activation 805

ref: http://ufone.com/prepay_uredge.aspx

Get Zong USB because on USB they are providing truly unlimited internet for only Rs. 400/Per month +tax

^ And the usb device costs rs.9999 + tax...

Ufone USB will be cheaper with 7000... postpaid being unlimited as posted by an user above. 6 months free as well.

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^^Ufone isn’t Unlimited dude,it has fair usage policy a.k.a 2 GB Limit so don’t post without confirmation:/

@Threadstarter:Go For zong as ULTIMATE SAID…!


Ufone postpaid unlimited gprs is truly unlimited and it has no bandwidth limit. Do not post with out confirmation

dont lose temper guys. Who posts with confirmation and who not isnt da matter. Actually forums are to increase knowledge.so if one person is wrong,he wil get correct info from other. But he should not be degraded.

God bless u all INTELLIGENT people :D