Which digital camera shld be bought

im planning to buy a digital camera my range is 18 to 20 K what r the best option which i have ?

Sony is the best in Consumer Class Digital Cameras. You will get a decent 7.1 Megapixels (as far as i remember) Sony camera in this price

Sony, Nikon and Canon. these are my favorites and ultimately in reality are the best. so go for any one of them. but use your brains too. just don't go for shapes and megapixels.

i forgot i guess panasonic. man they have one good cameras. good as in different. as in lumix.

so bro end decision is yours.

i bought a canon powershot a570 with image stabilizer a few months back and am very happy with it. it has a full manual mode in addition to the various auto modes. i read somewhere that all the brands have a peculiar "branded" touch to their pictures so it al depends on which features you are looking for and what brand/model offers those features in the price range you are looking for. but read a bit (especially the various camera reviews), they help.

best of luck :)

Canon is really good

Yeah check out reviews on sites like pcmag.com

I'm buying Canon Powershot A490 with IS (Image Stabilizer) in a couple of weeks.


And i'll be collecting my comission from the Canon guys ... lolz

thanx everyone for the help

have look here b4 u buy any, and good luck


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have look here b4 u buy any, and good luck



Thanks for sharing, this really informative site.

I'd recommend the Canon Powershot series, very good, cheaper and better than the equivalent Nikon/Sony cameras as well. I had a Canon A640, took wonderful pics - heres an example: http://offroadpakistan.com/pictures/k2_base_camp_hike/

Yesterday i was reading review about Olympus FE-340, the camera looks good. Google and find its specs.

ahaha olympus is bigger than a joke...

Canon is best so far

i didn't ask to people what and which camera is best i bought a camera by viewing flickr.com camera finder and i found Canon rebel XT top on the list so ordered it

i also advice you visit flickr.com for cameras results and reviews of experts because these people dont know much about digital cameras

Only NIKON or Cannon. All the rest dont even come close. Just my two cents.