Which card is better performance wise

hi one of my friend is looking to buy a good graphics card and ask me 3 options nvidia 9800gtx, ATI radeon 3870x2, ATI radeon 4870??????? which one to buy for extreme gaming?????

Radeon HD 4870 - Future Card !

chk the Reviews for more information :)

oh forget to mention gtx 260........now tell me geforce gtx260, 9800gtx or 4870....well reviews claiming 9800gtx is almost same in perfromance as compared to 4870 and 9800gtx still cheaper.........plz reply asap

go for radeon its the best

i'll go with nVidia. coz most games coming have compatibility with nvidia cards.

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oh forget to mention gtx 260…now tell me geforce gtx260, 9800gtx or 4870…well reviews claiming 9800gtx is almost same in perfromance as compared to 4870 and 9800gtx still cheaper…plz reply asap

Ati Radeon HD 4870 GDDR5 . still Get the Points on Overall Perfomance .

98Gtx is a Good Card but it is not stronger then Radeon HD 4870 .

Radeon HD 4870 has more Bandwith , Pixel shader Clock , Memory and Clock speed and G-Flops then 9800GTX .

4870 hands down.

nvidia is always the better...

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4870 hands down.

it may hav the driver issue … but Future is HD4870 … I hope :)

i have a 4850...yes 4850 not 4870


Id recommend you the 9800gtx.


...because u said the price is lower

...because u said its performance is nearly equal to 4870

...because i say that physx calculations can now run on nvidia 9 series cards (8 series also but i dont remember correctly). ATI on the other hand is incompatible for the forseeable future.

if i had the chance i would buy 9800gtx over the 4870 for the physx reason alone (since physx puts a lot of stress on the cpu so it can be a great help if your cpu bottlenecks the whole system)

...just my 2 'paisas' :P

prefer radeon , as i am also using 4870 and i have no problems with it . Its awesome

well i told my friend to go for 4870 but he decide sthelse he is goin for gtx260

ATI radeon 4870 is the best choice

ATi RaDeOn HD Series FTW . Great Performance increases with newly released drivers , More performance increase expected with upcoming driver updates


can any one tell me that where to buy these models.

3870 x 2

4870 x 2

i dont think so that these models are in pakistan ....

aur any one is selling it ?

so plz let me know.


nVIDEA my choice.