Where to buy skype phone

i would like to buy skype phone ne 1 knows where to buy from? *karachi*

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I don't know where to buy one...

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download skype s/w in ur cell phone n enjoy calling. no idea abour skype phone physical device

its available for sale check out skype.com but not available in pakistan!

but you can get it, if you have any relative in UK etc.

i got the philips 841 from USA... not in karachi.. but u may see at http://www.beliscity.com i saw they have few phones which might help u

Once i saw Variety of skype fones on The Atlantic Computer 1st floor Hafeez Center Lahore

Dont Know about Karachi

skype can be downloaded in symbian phones with wifi connection, it becomes a skype phone.

my e61, which is for sale now can handle skype calls easily :)

www.skype.com ::)