Where to buy an iPhone 3GS From?

Can anyone tell me where to buy an iPhone 3GS in Karachi and the price for it..... I am looking for the 16GB version

You can get one in Serena.

Price: 55000 - 56000

Could u elaborate more.....exactly where is serena?

Do not want to hijack the thread, but any ideas where a good 2g (used or new) can be purchased? Also price idea would be appreciated.

Looking in Karachi.

bro where is serena nd r u sure it is available ther

For 3g (used and new) go to GoodLuck next to Mottas in Clifton. Used price is about 44000. Do let me know what you end up getting.

Oh Sorry :rolleyes: . When i first read your thread, i had thought that the 3GS you wrote was 3G's... (multiple iphone 3g's)

Iphone 3g is available, iphone 3gs is not currently available. (in serena)

And yeah the price of 3GS will also be higher than the 3g (more than 56000)

get N97