Where is the real (dynamic) IP?

I would like to remotely access DSL modems for regular configuration. Basically we have 2 offices with regular PTCL DSL connections and I would like to access the modems from a 3rd site via the internet. The modems have IP addresses like 116.71.xxx.xxx which seem like real IPs but when I try to connect to them via the browser I get a "Page not found". Normally this should give me the admin login for the modem.

In fact I was able to connect once, but it turned out that it was a completely different modem belonging to someone else!

So any idea how I can get the real real IP for the modem that I can use to connect and configure the modem remotely?

Many thanks!

Aren't the modem settings accessed from

Anyway, I have never used DSL so I am not familiar with the settings of DSL modems, but from what I can tell, you can access the modem settings on a specific port, which should be port 80 as default if you don't type anything after the IP. A lot of firewalls and local networks would block this port, so either make sure it is not blocked, or change the access port if you can locally first (to 8080 for example), and then try by using that port after the IP : 116.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080.

Whats the model number of your modems? Just google them, find the manual and look up the correct IP. I think you're wrong about 116.71.xxx.xxx . Usually router/modems have an ip like 192.168.x.x .

^ And if that is the case, then you can't access the settings remotely, unless the modem has telnet, or some other remote access protocol.

Since you want to access your MODEM outside your network, you will have to access it with 116.x.x.x IP which of course changes often. you can find it by www.whatismyip.com

Refer to your router manual first and check if it can be remotely configured, which I assume it wont.

I will like to add my 10 cents. @yuronline is correct, you need to find out the exact IP of your modem at the time you make the connection because the IP changes multiple times a day. You accidentally accessed someone else modem because your IP got changed and someone else got your IP assigned at that moment.

Furthermore you need to enable "remote access" in your modem otherwise you modem will refuse an external connection. My ZTE ZXDSL 831 II has this option under "management". You also have the option to configure whether you are going to access the modem using Telnet or web browser etc, just make sure you note down the respective ports and then connect to the modem using them.

Folks thank you all so much for your input. Just to further clarify:

The modems are Shiro modems.

The internal (private LAN) IP addresses ARE 192.168.xxx.yyy

However as Raza says, if I want to access the modems remotely then I would have to use the IP address on the WAN side, i.e. the 116.x.x.x

The problem is that the modem is showing e.g. (I asked someone to be on the phone with me and tell me the IP address), but when I point my browser at it it does not connect me, or it connects me to a completely different modem!

I will check also the remote admin settings on the modem and report back.

As for the dynamic IP, I'm thinking that it should be relatively easy to have a small application sitting on the server (on the LAN side) that keeps checking the WAN IP, and as soon as it changes, it "reports" it to a central server. There are freeware utilities that can do this.

The intent is that if I expand my network to say 20 sites, then I will have some capability to monitor the entire network status and do maintenance and testing if I can connect to each modem remotely. It will also allow me the possibility to do remote desktop support via VNC or something similar. All this on home DSL, without having a static IP.

What do you guys think?

^All possible. Too bad I left the networking field or I would have implemented the same.

There is one more concept of NAT, it might help you, google it.

There is a way (I dont remember what its called) in whihc you can bind an IP to a domain, if the IP changes domain remains the same. I share a PTCL broadband with a CS khuar :P and he was some how able to make CS internet server. The same issue came with IP since it was been configured by DHCP by PTCL. so he bind a something.somthing.com with the router IP i.e. 116.x.x.x from some site

^dyndns.com type services

I hacked alot of PTCL accounts a long time back using this trick :D.

Firstly, You need to find out the REAL IP of the PC which is connected using the modem which you want to access. The IP will change everytime your modem restarts because it is dynamic.

Once you have the ip you simply need to enter it in your Internet Browser and your modem page will show up. This only happens in PTCL i believe because of poor security.