Where is my topic ? Question from admin


Dear i started a topic in the forum related to my money making website but i am unable to find it even just after 2 hours of its start. Will you please tell me why is it so? If it is deleted then why you have not warned me before?


I removed that topic since it had a classic spam signature. The only reason you aren't already banned is that you had two other posts which weren't spam.

Don't post lame money making referral links. If you have a genuine site or blog which you want to post about, you are more than welcome to post it.

We Pakistanis already waste too much time on the internet. Don't use greed in human psych to exacerbate this wasting of time.


Asad your the man. By the way can you please suggest me some tips for my website. I know since day first im talkin about my blog on this forum but im not spamming. belive me. :) Thanks for not deleting my Topic :)