Where are the contacts stored?


I was using outlook 2007 and windows address book to sync contacts with phone and then the windows got corrupted i tried to sync phone with other pc and ended up losing all my contacts, i still have access to the old pc's HDD, so which files do i have to get from the old HDD which have the contacts in them for outlook 2007 or windows address book


It should be somewhere in [C:]\Documents and Settings\[Profile_Name]\Application Data\

Entries in

  • might vary. Once you are in the App Data folder, it should be somewhere in the Microsoft folder.

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    Guys try to sync your outlook contacts with yahoo id using yahoo sync application and you will not loose any contact, hopefuly.

    But i have suggestion for you problem.


    the option to sync with yahoo contacts is there in itunes but cn u tell me how to i.e. do i hv to create a yahoo contacts acct or can i use my yahoo ID



    I hope it will do for you.