What's your browser's homepage?

Hi Guys!

Well on Firefox my homepage is www.cricinfo.com

and on IE www.bbcurdu.com

I want to know just how many of you use what.

so give a shout out to your favorite start page after the jump.

Mine is www.Gamespot.com & www.FiringSquad.com

My browser homepage is www.google.com

From last 7 or 8+ years (maybe 10, I lost count), Netscape, Internet Explorer, and now Firefox and Opera, my browser's start page/home page is blank. Yes, I don't like opening to any other page then a simple blank page. An utter white space of nothingness. :)

about:blank :)



google. For I search a lot!


www.google.ca which inevitably changes to news.google.ca


about blank :)


Am using firefox.

Auto Blank here -_- tho i am using Firefox 3 beta 4 the bad thing is i cant use some of my plug ins :-\

Over the internet explorer i have it on iGoogle but i just dont really use it tho iGoogle is fun =]



my and abbasjin's university official site, visit our campus


It slows browser starting time and i cant stand waiting for something to load.

Yahoo! Mail and Google Reader.

Plus an AP Top News feed bookmark on my toolbar. :D

wiredpakistan.com/forums =D

http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html :D