Whats up with rozee.pk?

Anyone got an idea whats up with rozee.pk? Are they about to close business or something.

I tried to do the 850Rs package to view resumes.. card went through but pending approval or something it said.. and WITHOUT any id to track the transaction.. :) very nice!..

Then after a few hours, i try to find out whats going on cause i still cant get to view the CVs... i try to call them, no one picks up the call... i try to contact them through website.. all the forms to contact from have ajax errors or some permission thing and asking for password to view the contact forum.. :-|

AND!, there is no news of the next job expo thingy in Karachi... anyone know whats going on? did they get some bad management or are they closing down or what the hell is going on..



they don't have any real expertise in development. I know that personally.

any ways this would not be good to comment on it.

but I have also faced the same cc payment issue on other Pakistani websites as well as on rozee.pk which are using a very bad and the same way of online payments. I just remember the two rozee.pk and LUMS website that I have got this issue with.

any ways. keep trying to contact them. they will hear you soooooon :)

You would think.. Being in PAKISTAN.. our sites should be better then average but its actually the opposite... :rolleyes:

Rozee.Pk are good technical person which nice expertise... I agree on this... Your payment will be under process.. this may be a possible reason

^I wont argue on the expertise of them. off the topic. any way.

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Your payment will be under process.. this may be a possible

firstly. My payment was successfully. but I didn't get any receipt or any confirmation email..... does that look agreeable to you???


Quality and Secure payment processes are really not meant to be even gone under process. and this thing is very common in most of the pakistani websites with paymet services.

they take your data and process it manually for their own security not for your security.

This is really a bad solution. No one will give you his/her confidential detail if he/she is very concious about it

This is live PAYMENT man. it has to be on the spot.

Its hard for me to understand one of the most successful sites in Pakistan has these kinds of issues. You would think they would be resolving bugs and have a very streamlined process of payment since they are making so much money.

Must be bad management...

^ Welcome to Pakistan :rolleyes: