What was your first mobile phone?!

Hey guys what was the first mobile phone you'll used, and also tell and when you got it ?

Mine was panasonic i don't noe the model...

and i got it in 2006

sony ericsson k510i

had to discard it after 2 yrs when it broke! i dropped it so many times that it finally broke

nokia 3310

nokia 2100 got it in maybe 2004 don't remember

I don't remember my first (I had it only for a month or so), but my second was a Phillips 330;I got it in the summer of 2006.

It still has a special place in my heart. (^_^)

nokia 2600

My fine was Ericsson, Don't remember the model but it was very bulky one. bought in 1999 with the Paktel AMPS package.

it was 3310 and my first sim was UFONE when it was launched, purchased Ufone sim for RS 3500, By the way I have my 3310 to a friend and it is still functional :) Now i have 6630 and it is very good handset, have almost every thing which a good handset should have

One of the most solid phones i had... loved it...


Samsung Blue Eye A-300 (2002)

Sony Ericsson T68i in 2004.

It was dbTel.

Mine was Alkatel,model i dont know &year i think 2002-3

Nokia 2100, i got it in late 2006

NOKIA 8300

A very smart and was first light weight & small mobile phone.

I still like :-)

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One of the most solid phones i had… loved it…



Yeah my father had such phone except that it was more bulkier, those were pretty solid phones and i used to call em tv remotes for their size, actually you could use it as a weapon they were like heavy bricks, i remember my father bought a mobilink sim for Rs.5000 (now rs 25) and even for 5000 it was hard to find a sim because there was some shortage and now the situation has changed a lot, the other day i saw a banner at a mobile shop saying “buy 2 mobilink sims get one free” i couldn’t believe my eyes :D

It was a 3330 (someone got it for me from abroad) in 2002. I had it for a whole year but couldn't buy a prepaid sim for it because there were none available. Then I sold it off.

Then about one year later, in 2003 I got a new set, a Motorola C350 with a Ufone sim and used that until 2006.

Nokia 6030

Mine was Nokia 3310 with a ufone sim in August 2003.

Nokia 3100... One rugged phone. It fell down many times and nothing broke. The keys wore out the contacts eventually and the rubber cap for the power switch eventually wore out too.