What was the last movie you watched?


mission impossible


Terminator Genisys (2015)

5/10 - Shits all over the first two movies. Is full of crap. Jai Courtney/Kyle Reese is annoying throughout the movie. CGI is disappointing. All in all, not a very good movie, and definitely not a good sequel/successor. Arnold was fine though, at least fine for his age.


So finally clearing the Backlog of last 8 months movies

Age of ultron,7.5/10 Seen in theater when released in 3d. seen again in bluray print.. Although a great movie with soo many plot differences from comics, it is still the same disappointment compared to original avengers.. Captain America 3 was still the best movie of the year..

Hobbit, Battle of 5 armies..7/10 havent read the novel, but what was the purpose of the dragon threat to the whole middle earth when it only flew for 5 minutes, burnt half a town and died in the most easiest frag kill in history..and didnt even come back to haunt others in spirit.. even LOTR 3 had a better army fight than hobbit 3.. really disappointing, only Bilbo was te saving grace of the whole series.

Fast n Furious 7 8/10..Half of the cast died in either the movie plot before hand, or was crippled to avoid acting. this was a good movie, indeed jaw dropping in many scenes, but NONE OF THE MOVIES in the ENTIRE series have anything on the masterpiece that was FnF 6..


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Captain America 3 was still the best movie of the year…


Film abhi bani bhi nahi tune dekh bhi li doctor? :P I told you you’re high doc, you need to limit your dose before you start reviewing Avengers 6. :lol:


^ Lollywood (lahori cinema) ki captain America 3 dekhi hogi [emoji2]


Mission Impossible (2015): 4/10

It really was, a 'mission impossible' to finish this insipid sheyTaan ki AaNT.

Self-satisfied smirks, wall-to-wall. DhooDak sey bharmaar. Even if you left

your brain in the cupboard, it will still hurt, when you put it back in, after

the movie.

I recommend everybody see it. Everybody ought to go through the pain.

It builds character.

Sheikh 'Rogue Lagaey' Chilli


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Film abhi bani bhi nahi tune dekh bhi li doctor? :P I told you you’re high doc, you need to limit your dose before you start reviewing Avengers 6. :lol:


Yes, i am Owned… :D

Captain America 2 i meant… :P

Cap America 3, will again BE the Movie of the year when its released… cz its the Civil Wars…


Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)

I was prepared for a long ride of pain, but instead experienced a a very nice journey into the world of espionage, double/triple agent behaviors, action and visuals. A little bit of comedy from Hunt's sidekick as well.

Well, I guess not everyone is in the right mood before watching a movie such as this.

Oh and make sure the brain is not in the cupboard before watching it, as the story needs a lot of brain to be fully grasped.

Recommended. 9/10


I also watched, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. 5/10

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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)

6/10 - Not as bad as Sheikh said, but definitely not as good as Master said either.

It simply felt uninspired & underwhelming...


Movie i watched on this weekend was "Fight Club"
Brat Pitt and Edword Nortan what an excellent job done by both of them. i have never seen this movie before one of my friends suggested me so i decided to watch it on sat and wow an old saying in Urdu " Paisy poray ho gye " . now its in my fav list. and must watch if you haven't watch it yet. One hell of greatest movies Hollywood made so far Great script, acting superb


Indian Punjabi Movie "Sing is Bling"


whoever made this thread did a good job. i was looking for movies list and here i found so many :) .
The last movie i watched on this weekend was "Kung Fu Panda 2" believe me its real hard movie, inspirational, strong script, full of action and comedy . must watch

and thanks for a huge list :) any recommendation ?


Here are some recommendation for coming weekend:

  1. UP (2009) - Recommendation based on KFP 2. Stunningly beautiful, colorful and mesmerizing movie. Captivating story and animations.
  2. Assassins (1995) - Very nice and intriguing story. You will probably love it, if you liked Fight Club, though the stories are radically different from each other.
  3. Looper (2012) - Excellent Sci-Fi time travel movie. One of the very few that handles the paradoxes in a believable way. Great acting and story. The telekinetic child in the movie gave an awesome acting performance.


Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

As an action flick: 7/10. As a movie-adaptation of Hitman videogame franchise: 3/10. This doesn't respect the source material at all, other than symbolism.

Still, if you're not a gamer then you may like the movie.


The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

9/10 - An unexpected marvel. Interesting & entertaining throughout. Good chemistry between characters. Nice cinematography. Good attention to setting. A very good spy movie in general. Not so heavy on the action though, so it caters to a certain audience.


The Martian - I loved it


+1 for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Saw it today, and it completely deserves 9/10 as given above. Simply great movie in almost every aspect, including the soundtrack.

Only the movie name doesn't fit well.


^ Yeah, it was one of the finest movies this year for sure.


Talvar (2015)

7.5/10 - While not as good as IMDB led me to assume, it still was a solid mystery thriller. It is basically a dramatized version of a controversial real life crime scene investigation (search "2008 Noida double murder case" for spoilers). Various possible scenarios are shown in the style of the japanese classic "Rashomon". As far as bollywood standard goes, this movie is actually pretty decent.

The conclusion will leave you shocked, especially since it's real...


Extinction (I) (2015)

7.5/10 - It's not your typical kind of zombie survival movie. It's primary focus is on it's character's & their backstory rather than on action or horror elements. It's dramatic & cinematic. Some nice visuals too. The zombie stuff is mediocre in it, but it does alright. Acting by all the leads is decent. I think it's a good movie to watch in the winters... and yes, you can watch it with family.