What was the last movie you watched?


Avengers: Age of Ultron

6/10 - Bored me throughout. There was nothing to like about it. If we talk about CGI then only the last battle was decent. I hadn't liked the Avengers 1 to begin with, but the sequel is undoubtedly worse.

I seriously don't get the mass appeal for this series. Yes, there are many great characters, but it's the worst of those characters. The characters we find great on their own movies, are turned into a big band of losers with pitiful attempts to solve issues & fight the bad guys.

Last but not least, the new characters they've added to the band are despicable (save for the mutant girl), that oompa loompa guy (the red one) is a laughingstock, in fact the whole series is turning into one.

Meh. I won't be watching any further sequels of this series. If you like it, be my guest. Ciao!


^ You shouldnt watch the rest of the movies indeed

My Review: from the 3D cinema experience 7/10

VERY VERY BAD One liners in the movie, from opening sequence till end..

Quick silver had to be killed.. Get over it, Xmen did it better..

the entire movie was only the setup to Captain America 3. so get over it further.. Cap 3, will be again the movie of the year..:)

the Usual, last battle scene was only decent, and had nothing on the original avengers..

entire movie was bland and emotionless, extremely unlike the 1st avengers.

No new Infinity stones, so dont hold your breath...

worst thing, the worst ending credit scene of 30 seconds only.. Again, all setup for Cap America 3.

Still, its the Avengers .. :) so its a good watch.. not their best, ut still a good enuff movie.


Mad Max: Fury Road

8/10 - Now this is something worth deserving a good rating. Comparison is pointless, but I'd still say it's 10 times better than what i say yesterday. Everything from Story, visuals, and action were superlative for the genre & setting. It had it's fair share of goofs (those blood transfer sequences were nonsensical), but otherwise a pretty good movie.



^^^ Mad Max - Mel Gibson = No Fun :P


All time classic, watched it numerous time.

Rating 9/10


^It is indeed, one of the best from Tarantino.


watched it for the second time, personally i don't like emotional and movies that sadden you in some way, but this is in few i like. will love it if you like war movies.

Rating 7.5/10


Baahubali: The Beginning

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3/10 - Overrated as f***. It's like a Japanese Fantasy War movie except it sucks. The only thing it has to offer is visuals, most of which are done on green screen... Ugh.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Similarly, if it seems to be overrated on IMDB, it probably is.


^^^ IMDB ratings of movies is always not accurate, and the rating can be exploited if you are willing to spend some big bucks.

some great movies there are under-rated as hell. the raters and critics there are dumb@$$.

rottentomatoes are overly fair.


Leonardo, Damon, Nicholson, Wahlberg, awesome acting and story, watched it numerous times, but never get bored. specially when i don't find any decent movie to watch.

Rating 8.5/10


san andreas and mad max fury road.



5/10 - Unfunny. Unrealistic. Tacky. Non-nonsensical. Overrated. Jason Statham was a waste in it.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

8/10 - Somewhat funny. Partially surrealistic. Action-oriented. Fairly rated. The movie does go full retard near the end, but even that part is watchable. The rest is quite good for this type of movie. There's a mass-killing scene that takes place inside a church, pretty cool to watch.


phantom: 2/10 .. Sickest movie of the century .. Pathetic .. Its a ridiculous movie .. i thought it will be fun to watch .. Wasted my time on Indian crap

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phantom: 2/10 … Sickest movie of the century … Pathetic … Its a ridiculous movie … i thought it will be fun to watch … Wasted my time on Indian crap

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Your didn’t listened Hafiz Saeed, so it was a curse [emoji6] [emoji6] [emoji6] [emoji6]

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Hafiz saeed did the right thing to file case against them.. Saif was continuously saying its not about him he doesnt know abt the movie.. It was based of Hafiz Saeed and the way saif killed him was like eating a piece of cake .. Stupid nonsense movie..

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I will rather stare at somebody's shiit for two hours than watch a India city movie



cool, give you a little overview and idea why wars and instability in developing and third world countries don't end.

Rating : 7/10


nice little story, and cool performance by everyone make it legit. i like most of caprio movies anyway they are mostly good.

Rating : 7.5/20 10


pretty cool, if you followed and loved the series back in old days on tv. after watching this it reminded me of the series and downloaded the first season, just went through the first tow episodes..........nostalgia.

Rating : 7/10


hum sth sth hain......... see last week