What was the last movie you watched?


If you liked this one, I would recommend that

you see his other one, equally funny "What

About Bob (1991)".

That is, if you haven't seen it already.

Sheikh 'Baby Steps' Chilli


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If you liked this one, I would recommend that

you see his other one, equally funny "What

About Bob (1991)".


It was a good watch.

I felt myself as much at my wits end as the poor psychotherapist. :D


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If you're talking about clint eastwood, all are recommended to go for "The Good, the bad and the ugly". Its rank is 4 at imdb top 250 list. My perception is 9/10.


the music and scene reminded me Gabbar singh "Sholay" lol


St. Vincent 2014

Nice comedy drama (Bill Murray)



Dumb and dumber to 2014

last 10 minutes 8/10 but rest of the film 5/10


Nightcrawler 2014

A refreshing piece on Crime/Drama.



Hotel Rwanda 2004

Wow wow 9/10


The Thomas Crown Affair 1999

movie is entertaining, perfect chemistry between the leads, background music is amazing, 8/10


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 2008

Reality in reverse order. Should NOT miss it. 9/10


Wild Card (2015)

7/10 - One of the finer Statham movies of late. It doesn't have much of a plot, and i much rather prefer it this way over the cheesy repetitive plots that most usual action movies have these days. There are some fine dialogues in there and few but fast-paced action scenes. Overall probably not everyone's cup of tea, but if you don't mind a unconventional action movie, then you might like it.

P.S. The scene in the screenshot is NOT what you may think it is, pay attention or watch the movie before you criticize me of ruining your innocence. :P

Baby (I) (2015)

4/10 - WTF bollywood? Why can't you leave Pakistan out of your "anti-terrorists" films. Seriously, i applaud P@ki censor board for banning this shite from the P@ki cinemas! Just because you took a few P@ki actors in your unrealistic, idiotic, non-sensical, unbelievable shitebox of a movie doesn't mean it's "not anti-Pakistan" as you so claim.

And don't get me wrong, i don't dislike your movie because it's anti-Pak (that's kind of expectable from you), i dislike it because it was so ridiculous and yet it somehow has a highly deceptive rating on IMDB (another hack or have Indians started liking anything that represent Pakistan in a bad light?) Seriously, almost every aspect of the movie was sub-par, there was nothing deserving of admiration.

I didn't find "Vishwaroopam (2013)" to be great either, but that was still miles better than this crap.

P.S. The gal vs guy fight scene (as shown in the screenshot) was probably the most decent 'action' scene of the whole movie, that should tell you something about how great bollywood is doing in that department... Oh well, at least they didn't go all "Rajnikant" in there. :lol:


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And don't get me wrong, i don't dislike your movie because it's anti-Pak (that's kind of expectable from you), i dislike it because it was so ridiculous


Who are you talking to ? :huh: :huh:


The Flowers of War 2011

Well executed film on second Sino-Japanese war. 8/10


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Who are you talking to ? :huh: :huh:


This guy...


He's the goddamn director...


Roy (2015)

5/10 - First off I'd start by saying that the IMDB crowd has been way too harsh to the movie (i guess bolly fans have a tendency to either overrate or underrate stuff). At the same time, i would say you're better off believing the damn rating and not watching the movie as you're most likely not to like the movie.

The thing is, the movie is very stale and soulless, which is why it tends to bore you most of the time... add to the fact that the story itself is kind of meh as well, and there goes away every reason to watch the movie.

Personally, I can appreciate a slow and lazy movie, perhaps that is why i was able to watch it till the end and have selective appreciation for it. The cinematography, music, and the unusual screenplay were it's positive highlights for me.

I appreciate the director for trying something different (for bollywood at least), but at the same time must constructively criticize him for his unsatisfactory work. Overall, not too bad for his debut movie. Still not a recommend watch by any means.

P.S. Jacqueline looks hot in her alternate role. :wub:


Taken 3

Dont watch... :(


Interstellar (2014) A must watch movie

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Big Hero 6 - A very good movie.


Shakespeare in Love 1998

good one... 8/10


Horrible bosses 2: 8/10

Unlike the original, which was pure Comedic Gold.. this isnt even about bosses.. acting is over the top, kinda like sunny in philideplphia type..even jason bateman dissapointed..

the story had good premise but bad execution.. the movie was very simple and had no twists like previous. Even the villians seemed like school boy bullies..

Mother Fudger Jones was the ONLY saving grace of the Movie.. :D Kudoz, Jammie foxx..

Despite being half the level of the original movie, it was a fun watch.. good movie overall, failed only because of the VERY VERY high standard set by the previous one.


watching it for second time, good fun movie if you are really bored and specially if you hate your job.

Rating : 8/10