What was the last movie you watched?


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^ "Mera Sultan" itself is a dubbed version of Muhteşem Yüzyıl (a turkish show)...


Yes i know :) but i used Our version as in pakistan we watch Mera Sultan Bcoz its dubbed in Our Language :) But We Can Also Called it English Version oF Turkish Show Muhteşem Yüzyıl :)


The Prestige (2006) 7/10


Basic Instinct 1992

Nice old and bold flick... 8/10


Maleficent (2014)...... 6.5/10

very high quality animation and CG for a kids movie.

ending is a copy of Frozen (10 times better)

for adult viewers, soo many plot holes and poor acting by EVERY one... how TF does a fairy get same shade of lipstick for all her life in a forest?


The venture bros (tv series) 9 / 10

After "Archer" this is the best tv show in adult comedy.. when you get past season 1, this show literally kills it. Awesome voice acting and the adult humor is way better done than archer.

and this show introduces the world to one of the greatest Animated villain character in history.

"The Monarch". 11/10


Ended of the great tv shows Game of Thrones All Seasons.

Rating for all seasons... 9/10


Saw 2 movies back to back.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction [2014] : Meh [6/10]

The Amazing Spiderman 2 [2014] : Another Meh [6/10]

Both seemed like a waste of time to me <_<


spooder was definitely farigh..

but this transformers was a spectacle to watch.. on big screen, in high def.. and the movie music score is on par with Lord of rings..

and seriously.. Lockdown ?. better than megatron.... no? nothing?


Nope, it sucked (just like every other transformers movie). I dozed off multiple times during the movie... At least i was able to endure ASM2 till the end.

Oh well, y'know, opinions. :P


What would a Transformers movie have to do to not suck?

Not exist, perhaps? Please tell me. How can it NOT suck? How???


^ You answered yourself. :P

On a more serious note, how about not being overly draggy (they are almost bollywood length). Not having a lame plot. Not being CGI-wh*res with nothing else to offer. :rolleyes:







Dial M for murder (1954)

You may have seen many carbon copies or re-make of this masterpiece 8/10


Watched Interstellar on IMAX yesterday. This is a visually spectacular movie and the acting by lead actor is top notch. The film is not your typical action movie as it contain drama and emotions. The ending will leave people thinking just like ending of Inception.


Birth 2004

different but stupid yet one-time watch 6/10



Worst trailer ever, anyone? They literally showed the whole movie in it. :ph34r:


North by Northwest 1959

you may find flaws in it but considering 1959, its far better than modern hits 9/10


Saw Interstellar in IMAX. What a mind blowing experience.

Everything about the movie oozes perfection. The cinematography, the pacing, some unexpected cameos (I certainly wasn't expecting MD to be in this movie :lol: ). The final part of the movie was a one of its kind experience. I will not spoil the movie for anyone. Because it needs to be experienced in all its glory in IMAX.

A perfect 10/10 from me. I'd be disappointed if this movie doesn't grab an Oscar for what it tries :)


Neil Tyson already is sad at the physics used in that movie :D