What was the last movie you watched?


Watching Robocop 7.5/10

Very slow, low budget film, but at the same time, dark and twitchy as the original movie and the TV series..

not bad at all....decent reboot... should be watched..


Watched Transformers: Age of extinction. 4/10

High marks for digital effects, especially viewing it on IMAX 3d, but what a shitty story. Story wise, worst of the transformers movie.

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Gujar badmash butt dushman inaj ka 2014 9/10

story starts very slow when Gujar is just one simple life living man but in middle of story gujar became badmash and then action starts Gujar kills all the butt to stop food crisis in Pakistan


Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug Bluray 3D 8.5/10

Story wise, much faster and better than the 1st part.. the dragon is awesome in rendering.. but the LOTR magic isnt just there..still an excellent movie

the only major thing i learned from the movie is that

This dwarf , kili


got Mad Game :D


Bobby Jasoos (2014)


A never watch movie....... :P



Divergent (2014) 8/10

good movie, good one after long series of hollywood BS movies. The theme and story was good.
Cast was good. The main idea of faction system was great one. The idea to judge people and

divide them into groups. And oh God i loved Shailene Woodley she was so cute! omg! i was just

on the verge of breaking my ramadan fast, ;) iykwim, that much cute.
anywasy this is a good movie about post apocalyptic world. Must watch in my opinion.


^ This is called an honest review;)


thanx, a like wouldn't hurt. :P


I watched:

Spud 2: The Madness Continues (2013) 5/10

It was an average entertaining movie, but nothing more than a comedy.


Taxi Driver (1976) 9/10

De Niro has got the #$%# now and he had it back then, he is the man. He acts great, looks great, walks awesome,

and Talks magnificent. This movie is one of a kind IMHO. The amusing thing about the story is that just when the

main character seems like he has lost it total control, at that precise moment he gains it back. He feels about what

he sees and want to make it a better place, and that is what is good about it. He is like a ghost in the whole city.

Goes every where but unseen, is every where but no one notices him. And just then he takes thing in own hands.

Some dirty work but gets away clean with it, the ending is somewhat ambiguous, there are no absolute conclusion

that can be made about the whole plot whether it is moral or not?

Also Watched:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) 6/10

I am not very much thrilled to watch this spider man series. Way below my expectations. Wow what an great idea

to bring in a villain named Electro which is already there in every other EEFFING comic book. The visual effects

were good. You need a spoiler

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yeah this is the purpose of the reviews, they contains spoilers other

wise you wouldn't have started reading this. You are supposed to read this and spoil the fun of it. The only good

thing about this plot was the unpredictable nature of story this time.


Captain America: Winter Solder 7/10



Captain America: Winter Solder 8.5/10

the winter soldier himself was highly under utilized but the movie itself was still a marvel Spectacle. . retains the feel of the army Soldier that Steve is.. Great movie but somehow....

Amazing Spiderman 2 9/10

this one even managed to trump captain america. how could the critics not like this movie..it had every thing, tragedy, action, actual failure for hero, death, secrets revealed, Jaw dropping Sony 3D, plot depths and finally, FINALLY, Oscorp corp get the Evil Umbrella corporation status in any super hero movie.. which is richly deserved to be..


Chef (2014) 6/10

A badly conceived ad for Apple and Twitter. It was supposed to be a comedy, wasn't it, but I didn't find anything funny. some of the food he cooked was just not what anybody would like to eat e.g who serves Soaked onions with quail. Scarlett Johansson role was minimal.


Fault in our stars (2014)

8/10 Very nice Romantic and touchy movie


Edge of Tomorrow (9/10)

To me, This movie is like a power of "CTRL+Z" in a game of chess in which if you make a wrong move (and your solider gets killed) you CTRL+Z it and make a more smarter move again. In this movie, the power of "CTRL+Z" was shifted to Mr. Cage and he started making better moves to win the game. However in the end he lost this power but he still won the game with the power of "CTRL+Z" in enemy's hands


8MM 2 (2005)

I didn't understand its title as It has no connection with 1999 movie 8MM, but the movie wasn't that bad. Good pace with masala. 7/10


Ek Villain (2014)

4/10 - Bad acting, under-developed characters & incoherent plot ruin this one. The songs are decent, but even for bollywood movies they can't turn a below average movie into a fine one.

P.S. Shraddha Kapoor seriously needs to get some acting classes.


Headhunters 2011 (Norwegian with English subs)

Nice thriller with good pace. 8/10


Goal! (The Dream Begins) (2005)

Santiago Munez is hot in the eyes of rich white girls. Even better, he lives in Los Angeles. Even better, he can really play football. Even better, he's spotted by a former scout who recommends him to Newcastle. Even better, Santi knows what he wants and is willing to let it come to him. Even better, this is a somewhat predictable but very uplifting and entertaining picture.

2.75 stars (out of 4)

Goal II (Living the Dream) (2007)

The unnecessary but not horrible sequel. Sequences are splattered with football royalty. There is a disturbing scene in which a Lamborghini is badly injured, in case you have a weak stomach. I am not 12 any more, not even mentally, but 12 year old me might have seen through this one. Actually, 12 year old Wire was smarter and didn't write online reviews.

2.00 stars (out of 4)

The Aviator (2004)

I was under the impression I would be watching a biopic of Howard Huge, the cartoon chicken - before the crash that turned him into such a dog. Oddly, there was an real person with the same name. He was cool, I mean if I ever had the guts to pick up fine white hens, I'd let him be my wing. In spite of having "everyone" working for him, HH sems to come up with all the good ideas himself, I guess that's true in life, most people are passengers and props and only a handful of characters make the difference. I am just an extra, I know that now. Strong performances all over, Cate and Kate are fantastic. Good effects, but some Hollywood crap, like why is the Meteorologist in so many scenes? Is he Scorcese's bro-in-law or something? Even at over two and a half hours, this movie flies by: oh yes, I said it!

3.0 stars (out of 4)


Changeling (2008)

Brilliant down to earth but complete package. 8/10


Hidden Face 2011

out-standing Spanish movie, recommended 8/10