What was the last game you played?


So no one here who can beat me :)

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^ :lol:



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So no one here who can beat me :)

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Come to lahore anytime… We will beat you…


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Come to lahore anytime… We will beat you…


Beat him like a pinata and make video too




Grand theft auto v


Playing Fallout 4. Intro & beginning is far better than Fallout 3. Protagonist having a voice makes it far for immersive. Graphics are mediocre, but at least character models & lip sync is bearable unlike before. Overall I'm hooked, I think if it can keep my attention till the end, it'll get my prestigious review. B)


Playing bioshock 2.. 2/3 through the game..Dam that entire series is creepy as hell.. and thats FANTASTIC :D


Lookie what do we have here :P

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Lookie what do we have here :P

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Show off… :rolleyes:

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It doesn’t support PhysX! :P[/quote][quote=", post:, topic:"][/quote]


Meh. Screw PhysX :lol:


Physx is Garbage.. Radeons with the new crimson software are now an even better purchase.


Until down... really scary game


COD MWF ,after finishing all 3 parts of PRInce of persia


Age of Empires 2 conquerors!

CHALLENGE: Who wants to play AOE 2?

I'm looking for Expert Players in Karachi.


Star craft 2 part 3.. 8/10

was average in story , ending was bad for die hard starcraft fans...

game was great though.. after 3 years, all units and factions are perfectly balanced

The latest COD, 8.5/10,

the game was good, the story was involving, but after playing and finishing the game, and reading about the REAL story, Mind Blown.. a very well crafted Bioshock like ending.

Life is strange 7/10

i have just begun and the game is supposed to be the Game of the year, but its very slow to begin and i dont have time and patience for that at this age.

Batman Arkham Knight 1000/10

A game so good, its beyond great.. it should be named : Batman:Beyond Perfection .. despite the pc port being a very poor port, with so many stuttering and hanging issues, the game is a master piece, and this game is as good as the Dark knight movie in terms of the game story involvement and depth. the gadgets this time are indeed liited in use in main game but they have very important role in all the DLC, so the game including the DLCs makes it perfect..

Absolutely perfect ending to the series.


^ You lucky lad. I haven't played a single game since... god knows how long. :ph34r:

I guess i should grab some spare time for myself & get some good game to play. Maybe just replay one of my favorites. Kind of feel like replaying Bioshock Infinite... that game was just breathtaking. ^_^


I haven't had time to play games for the last couple of months either. Have missed pretty much everything released this year so far. Just begun playing Dragon Age: Inquisition via legit, since it still hadn't been cracked completely without flaws and I'd prefer to play with peace of mind without wasting time on fixing cracks.

So far so good. Starting of the game was quite slow, which was the main reason I quit the game early on back in 2014, but now with renewed patience and resolve, I toughened it out through the initial area and was rewarded with what seemed to be a never ending game.


4.35 PM: Started dark souls 3

4.58 PM: Quit dark Souls 3..